And we are back! Since you are all so thirsty I decided to publish part 2 of the blog sooner than I had expected. Last time we visited our top rooftop pick for Lisbon, Madrid, Milan, Rome and Barcelona. This time we are booking a flight for another trip around Europe focusing on Paris, Berlin, Valencia, and Dublin.

You know the drill, lay back, grab a drink of your choice and stick with me to plan your next trip to the bar wherever in the world that might be!

Paris mon amour
LAHO ROOFTOP; if you are looking for a new French & trendy place for your next cocktail, this is it! Opened in 2022 LAHO ROOFTOP offers you some breathtaking views of the Parisian skyline. The terrace is 60 meters above ground level and is equipped with modern exotic furniture giving you a very luxurious and fun vibe. If you want an amazing spot for a romantic sunset in Paris this is it!

Next on our list we find THE SHED. A garden looking very comfy and rustic rooftop bar offering a wide variety and impressive list of options for cocktail lovers. The vibe is very charming and precious; it feels like a green rooftop oasis on top of the Hotels des Grands Boulevards. This rooftop is open every night and is the spot for a nice relaxing and fine drink with a couple of friends. As this gem is smaller than regular rooftop bars we advise you to book your spot in advance for no disappointments.

Ever had a day where all you wanted was to feel like you are on the beach sipping on a nice cocktail, and eating proper street food but you woke up in Berlin? Well this is the place for you, DECK5 SKYBEACH brings the beach to Berlin on the 7th floor of the mall Schonhause Allee Archaden in the heart of the Prenzlauer Berg. The rooftop is covered in sand, offers a 360 degree view of Berlin and is decorated with big slumber sofas, deck chairs and palm trees. It is the perfect rooftop if you feel like disconnecting from the city, recharging and enjoying a sunny afternoon. This beautiful place opens up its doors during summer from May to September and closes during winter however just to transform itself into Berlin’s highest christmas market. That way no matter when you are visiting Germany's capital city The rooftop will always be able to offer you a memorable experience.

Next, we have a bohemian style relaxed rooftop bar in Neukolln Arcaden called KLUNKERKRANICH rooftop. This rooftop offers concerts, live DJ sets readings, open cinemas and more. You will also find sand on top of the bar, however with a more urban decoration. Wooden style benches and tables. A “cabana” or “cottage” feel to it. The place offers no possibilities of reservations and its peak hours are during sunset! Don't miss out a chance at this beautiful terrace so organize yourself to show up there a bit before and you should be ready to go!

When you are back in Spain, don't miss out on the beautiful city of Valencia that has so many options (besides rooftop bars) to offer you an amazing stay and unforgettable experience. The first bar on our list is a MUST. Called L'UMBRACLE, located in the Ciudad de las Artes Y las Ciencias this place is a huge walkway and vantage point. The terrace located there is one of Valencia’s hottest party spots especially if you are looking for a rooftop fiesta.

The terrace offers lounge sofas, cool lightning effects and a bunch of palm trees under the emblematic white Arches. The terrace hosts live DJ's and concerts and is amazing for a refreshing evening with friends and family.

The second option you are about to see is also a must in Valencia for all of you peeps that want to have lunch or drinks with a front sea view of the Mediterranean sea and the playa del Cabanyal. The RESTAURANT PANORAMA is built on a nice wooden deck , with a stylish outdoor bar. Its specialty are tasty Mediterranean foods and traditional wines and beers. Don't miss your chance while you are in Valencia and do yourself a favor by going to this beautiful place , you can even see it from the beach!

Finally, best for last, Dublin is a special place, and so we wanted to show you a special bar. Come to this 1920’s chic cocktail bar located in the world famous Temple Bar of Dublin. Meet the VINTAGE COCKTAIL CLUB, this rooftop doesn't offer the most panoramic views however its décor is very unique, cozy, retro and appealing to the eye. The place offers lunch and dining options as well as an amazing Sunday brunch but is known for its impressive well crafted and tailored cocktails list. This Bar is really recommended to anyone thanks to its great atmosphere and unique setting, you won't be disappointed having a drink there trust me, you will want to go back in time by the end of the night!

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