When we rent a home, even if it's already furnished, it's normal to want to add our own touch in terms of decoration, by adding features that reflect our personal likes and that make us feel at home. However, whether it be because we have a tight budget or because we don't want to spend a large amount of money on a home that is not ours, it is normal to resist buying a thousand things that, later on, can complicate future moves.

On our platform we have thousands of apartments and rooms to rent, and we also have loads of good decoration ideas for them which can make your room stand out without you having to spend a fortune. Here are some examples:

1. The Living room: Go for the DIY option

Have you ever heard the phrase, "It's the small things that make the difference"? Nowadays, the idea of DIY (Do It Yourself) is really popular, which refers to building at home, crafts, and ultimately, anything that you can do for yourself at home. In this case, one suggestion would be that you could make a TV cabinet out of wooden boxes, the kind that are usually used in greengrocers and other food establishments. Then you could also add a couple of wicker potted plants that would go perfectly alongside it.

2. The Kitchen: we also eat with our eyes

Some students are born to be in the kitchen and spend every minute possible trying to learn something new, whereas others dip in and out when necessary and try to avoid it as much as they can. For both types of people, it is important to take care of this space, as it could be somewhere that you make great memories.

Fresh fruit on display in a transparent dish for example, always puts you onto a winner. Another good idea is having some of the kitchen utensils be artisan, or act as both functional utensils and as decoration, like the wooden board in the photo below for example. Lights underneath the shelves or furniture brings an extra level of light and, once again, plants are always a great addition.

3.  The Bathroom: aesthetic that says a lot about you

Sometimes, bathrooms can be one of the most forgotten rooms when it comes to decorating. However, just like we do in restaurants, a lot of people really pay attention to the bathroom when they visit a new house. To pass the judgement of your house guests, you don't have to make it complicated: simply add some pictures and a plant (even if it's a fake plant), and that will be enough. Besides being more visually attractive, these ideas will also almost certainly provide more comfort for anybody using the bathroom.

4. Your Bedroom: your own little corner of the house

Ultimately, a must have in student bedrooms are definitely plants and flowers. Set them out however you like, but remember that if they are big plants, it is better to take them out of your room at nighttime. As well as this idea, you could also base everything in the room on a colour that you think best represents you. In this Milan apartment they have clearly chosen to use a combination of reds and greys that, when applied to different aspects of the room, give it a really attractive finish. Don't forget about photos or pictures, that always work well above your bed. Finally, if you want to put your own personal stamp on the place, don't forget about the sensory side of it: we recommend that you opt for incense.

5. The Terrace: your own little oasis

After the lockdown that we had throughout 2020, terraces have become one of the most valuable features of rental apartments. The easiest thing to do is to add a table and some chairs (please not plastic ones) and go out every so often to get some air. But what do you think of a hammock like this one, in which you can take a nap on a Sunday afternoon? Maybe some outdoor fairy lights to maybe spend a night outside with friends, and obviously some plants that give out garden vibes are absolutely great. This apartment has already done most of the above and to be honest, it's turned out really good.

As you can see, you don't need to spend thousands of euros on home decoration, and definitely not if the place isn't even yours. However, it's certain that these four comfortable and colourful ideas can make the place you're staying at really feel like a home.

Have you got any other low-cost ideas to decorate your student room?