When it comes to renting a home, it is normal for the owners to have doubts and worries, and for them to want to find someone who will look after their home as if it was their own.

Someone who cleans, looks after it well, pays the rent on time each month... Do tenants like this even exist? Of course! They definitely do. We have proved it throughout these last six years through thousands of really positive experiences. And here, we have some tips that we are sure will help you to find this ideal tenant that you are looking for:

1.  Responsibility

It's obvious, but the first step in forming a good relationship with the tenant is to communicate and demonstrate a high level of responsibility. Complying with the previously agreed terms and conditions creates peace of mind and forms the base for a relationship of mutual trust.

2.  Information

We are in the era of information and this is an essential value to have. It is important that it flows in both directions, so that we don't skimp on details regarding the property, highlighting all of the good but also not hiding anything that could affect the tenants day to day life. If they see us to be transparent and they see that we are not trying to trick them, it is more likely that they will treat us in the same way.

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3. Resolution

A broken boiler, a fault with the washing machine, a leak after a storm... It's common for little incidents to occur in rental apartments that have to be resolved effectively and in a reasonable amount of time. The homeowner must make it clear to the future tenant that that is the way that they are going to assist them, and then prove it with the facts. Another point which will encourage the tenant to do the same thing in return in the future.

4. Flexibility

Rental contracts act as the basic framework for a stable and safe relationship between property owners and tenants. However, we can be flexible to some extent in order to build, once again, a higher level of trust in general. "You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours".

5. Extra value

Some details can mark a before and after: a completely clean apartment, ready to move into; that little appliance that was not included in the initial agreement but is definitely welcome; the periodic renewal of any accessory that may be damaged due to use (cushions, bathroom soap dispenser ...) or simply a document with information on facilities and shops in the area that may be useful for the new tenant.

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