GUEST AUTHOR: Gabriela Hernandez, Spotahome Student Ambassador

Moving to a new city can be a bit scary, the fear of the unknown is completely natural, but it is definitely very exciting!

When coming as a student to Valencia, the first thing we want is to know every corner of the city, the best restaurants, bars, cultural sites, trips, etc; the only problem is our student budget. Our mind wants to go to the moon, but our pocket doesn’t like the idea very much. If what you are looking for are different plans without breaking the bank in Valencia, here are some options depending on the day of the week so you can make the best of it. Just choose a day and enjoy Valencia at low cost!


Low Cost Pizza

This place is always low-cost, but if you love pizza and beer as much as I do, you will understand why we put it on Monday! It’s not a proper Italian pomodoro gourmet pizza but it isn´t bad at all considering it costs 3 euros. And the best? Have a beer for only 0.80 cents and on Wednesdays for only 0.50! Start the week with your right foot!

Av. de Blasco Ibáñez, 119


If you want to try Paella Valenciana, Valencias’ traditional dish, Tastam serves it at an affordable price. This is a takeaway place and you can buy a large portion at 3 euros, it is worth mentioning that it’s a generous portion so 2 people can eat from one order! They have several types of paella so go for it!

Avinguda de Maria Cristina 1


Ateneo Sky Bar

To see Valencia from the heights we can go to a terrace, have a drink, enjoy the view and if you are one of those people who love to take pictures, this is a really good place to snap some shots. In most of these terraces the prices are very high, but don´t worry, if you just want to go up and take a walk, you can do it without having to order anything. At the Ateneo Sky Bar you will have to pay 3 euros to go up and if you want to drink something you get a discount of 2 euros on some drinks. You will have a spectacular view of the whole center of Valencia!

Carrer de Moratín, 12

Source: Facebook

El Colmadito

This restaurant is the low-cost version of 100 Montaditos. Every day there is a different promotion and the one for Tuesdays is 5 beers for 4 euros and has a variety of tapas for 1 euro! In addition, you will find hamburgers, pizza and salads.

Carrer de Ramon Llull, 7


Cine Babel

For the cinema lovers, you already have a plan! On Wednesdays at Cine Babel the ticket only costs 3.90 euros. You will find a vintage cinema, without assigned seats and a very authentic atmosphere. You will feel submerged in the story told by our parents of that time when they first went to the movies. You will find cinema art, but also the latest films in theaters.

Carrer de Vicent Sancho Tello, 10,

100 Montaditos

I think most of us know this chain of tapas, but if you want to eat something fast and cheap this is the option for Wednesdays. Most of the menu is reduced to 1 and 2 euros. For lunch you can have a salad Ranchera or César for 2 euros and a montadito for 1 euro and you will be set for just 3 euros.
They have several branches


Delorean Lounge

If you're looking to laugh out loud, spend a different night and protect your pocket, Delorean Lounge has comedy nights on Thursdays, admission costs 4 euros and you get a drink. To get your ticket you must write to [email protected] or via Whatsapp to 696642996. This bar also organizes a Thursday night a month of Trivial Party, if you like trivia games like mime, pictionary or battle of songs, for 6.5 euros they will serve you dinner while you play! And... the winner gets a prize!

Gran Via de les Germanies, 23

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Discos Monterey Bar

If you are looking for something to eat and you like Mexican food, this is your place! They have the best and most authentic Mexican food in Valencia and on Thursdays tacos are just 1 euro. They have a big variety and you will be surprise of all the flavors they have. Don´t miss it!

Carrer de Baix, 46

The Good Burger

If hamburgers are your thing then you can’t miss this offer: in TGB on Thursdays the hamburgers are 2X1, this means that each hamburger will cost 2 euros, not bad at all!
They have several branches

Source: Facebook


Cafe del Duende

Not everything can be low cost right? We are in Spain and we must seize the opportunity to go see a good flamenco show. In Café del Duende you can enjoy it for 12 euros and this includes a drink, just make sure you arrive early to ensure your entry, as they do not take reservations and it fills up quickly.

Carrer de Sueca 33



If what you are looking for is a low-cost party, in Parabarab you can find offers such as 6 units of Heineken at 5 euros, cocktails at 2 euros or 10 shots for 4 euros. On Wednesdays there is an Erasmus party, so you can find student atmosphere.

Oakland C/ Polo y Peyrolón, 3

Useful tip:
This is an application where you can make reservations at the different clubs in Valencia and get cheaper or even free tickets. So, if you are a party lover,download it!


To end the week and spend a relaxed Sunday, you can visit several museums for free! Some of them are:

Museo de la Ciudad
Casa-Museo Blasco Ibáñez
Casa-Museo Benlliure
Museo Ciencias Naturales
Casa-Museo Concha Piquer
Museu d`Història de València
Museo del Arroz
Museo de la Semana Santa Marinera
Museo Fallero
Casa-Museo de las Rocas
Museo Histórico Municipal
Museo De Bellas Artes De Valencia – Centre Del Carme
Museo De Bellas Artes De Valencia – San Pío V

Additionaly if you want to visit La Ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias, remember you havea 15% discount showing your Student card every day of the week.

I hope these recommendations will help you to enjoy the city at low cost.

A por ellos!

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