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Alright, if you haven’t made it to Vienna during Christmas yet then what the he double hockey sticks are you waiting for?! No really, if you’re dreaming of visiting a European city during Christmas, I hope you put Vienna very high on your list. If not, you will after reading this. I won’t spoil everything – some things just have to be experienced. 

Nobody does Christmas like Vienna

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The city goes all out on Christmas and presents everything it has to offer. Along with 9 Christmas markets, you’ll be able to find plenty of music and cultural events throughout the city centre and on the outskirts. Vienna Christmas markets are in full swing in mid-November and they last until late December – they think this gives you enough time to devour through mountains of Glühwein, but they’re totally wrong. Vienna needs to do Christmas markets all year round and I’m ready to start a petition. 

If you do happen to visit Vienna during Christmas, here are the three most important markets you NEED to see:

  • Wiener Christkindlmarkt at Rathausplatz** – **next to town hall, this is the largest and most popular market in the city. Words cannot describe it, so I’m not going to even try. 
  • Weihnachtsmarkt am Spittelberg** – **equally as popular, this market focuses on crafts and food – and these are a few of our favorite things.
  • Schönbrunn castle** – **this one is more about Christmas decorations and a chance to support smaller businesses. Don’t worry – there’s food. 

So why are Vienna Christmas markets so awesome?

They’re unique. Romantic. Traditional. They teach you about history. They have food. And fairy lights. And they’re all around the city. Vienna Christmas markets are perfect for just about anyone – no matter what you’re into, you’ll find something you like. 

Nobody knows the exact date they came to the city but the original Vienna fairs ended in 1872 because they failed to show the traditional values – the only one that still stood was the Christmas market.  1903 is noted as the year 128 stalls were back in action, this time even better – with fairy lights and the whole shabang. The market’s been put on hold during the war and came back in 1946, mightier than ever. 

Alright, enough talking – show me the food! 

I dream about this stuff. No, really. Once you see this, it can’t be unseen and it’ll give you the most ridiculous cravings. You’ve been warned. Now indulge.

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See you in Vienna!

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