In 2019, Vienna has been named the best city in the world to live in Mercer’s annual Quality of Living Ranking and the Global Liveability Index by The Economist Intelligence Unit.

The annual survey ranks cities based on a number of elements, including housing, public transport, and schools and education. So, if you currently live in London, Paris, or Madrid, you may start think about relocating to Vienna.

source Mercer

Why should you move to Vienna? 5 Reasons

If you are thinking about moving to Vienna, you might want to find out more about the city. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider Vienna as your next home.

1. Affordable Housing

Living in Vienna is very affordable. While living in London or Paris might cost you around or over €700 per month in a shared house, renting an entire apartment in Vienna is around €800.
What's even better than the actual rent is that probably for a similar budget you can live much closer to the city center than in London or Madrid.

2. Cost of Living

As well as rent, other living expenses such as groceries, restaurants and bills are generally quite lower than other big European cities.

View of Vienna, Austria.
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3. Safety

Vienna is a safe city. Even at night, you can walk around the city alone and still feel safe. In Vienna, you'll rarely see fights or street crimes.

4. Cheap Transports

Once again, if you are used to London transports costs, you will feel great in Vienna as you can get an annual transport card for €396 a year vs €2,939 (zone 1 to 6 in London)!!! Which basically are few months of rent!

Photo by Alisa Anton / Unsplash

5. Lifestyle and free time

When you move to Vienna, you'll soon realise that there are a lot of things to do There are parks, spas, swimming pools as well as the  most famous attractions and less known things to do. Make sure to read this article to get inspired!

Moving to Vienna - 5 Tips

1.Finding a good home can be tough

In Vienna, the private rent market is quite small and very competitive, since over 50% of the city is dedicated to state-housing. This is why, finding a Wohnung (apartment) in Vienna through Spotahome is not just a great idea, it's the best idea. Think about it: you won't have to live in a hostel for weeks searching for a house, but you can land at the Wien Airport and go to collect your keys straight away.

2. Get the Meldezettel as soon as you can

This is the document you need to apply for everything in Wien. from a library card to getting your social security number. It’s easy to get, and you can find all info, here.

Busy street in Vienna
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3. Learn the local language

While most people speak fluent English in Vienna, you should still learn the local language, German in this case. Or better, the Viennese’s  version of German: Wienerisch. One of the first things you should do when you move to Vienna is to sign up for a language course. Don't make the mistake of living in the expat-English-speaking bubble. Be a local!

4. Buy or rent a bike

Vienna is the perfect city to cycle around. It's basically a flat city with loads of bike lanes weaving throughout the city. You can either buy a bike or rent one, depending on how long you are planning to stay in the Austrian capital.

Photo by Alisa Anton / Unsplash

5. Get your smartphone Vienna-ready

Like everywhere in the world, there are some apps that will make your life easier. Here are those you need when you move to Vienna:

Qando Wien
This app is vital for getting around the city like a local. You can also save your favourite places as well as your routes. And, it is totally free.
iPhone, android

Vienna Map and Walks
As mentioned, Vienna is the perfect city to explore by foot and this app, with its  self-guided tours, is a great resource to explore it all. You will get to know your new home in no time!

This is for all foodies moving to Vienna. On Quandoo, you will find all the best eats in Vienna and book a table directly through your smartphone.


If you decide to use rental bikes, this app is great to locate the city’s bike stations.
iPhone, android

If you are feel like having a night in, the Berlin-based delivery company is your best bet. It delivers your favourite restaurant food straight to your new home in Vienna.

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Moving abroad is never easy and there are lots of things to consider before you move. You should start doing your own research and this article can be quite useful. Remember that our team is here to help if you need any local tip or advice!

Do you live, or have you ever lived in Vienna? Or are you thinking of moving to Vienna and have some more questions? Please leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

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