Summer is coming in big steps and I believe it is the right time to share some of the activities I highly recommend you get yourself involved in while staying in the capital. By default, capital cities are usually concrete, busy jungles where getting some rest is not an easy thing to do. In case of Warsaw it is just the opposite - we have a large number of parks and events taking place over summer so let me share some of them for your reference. Want to blend in and have fun? Nothing easier!

Chopin concerts in Łazienki Royal Park

One of my favorite things to do in the summer are open Chopin concerts taking place every Sunday at 12.00pm and 4.00pm. These concerts are attended by thousands of Chopin lovers every year. All you need to do is grab a blanket and make your way to Łazienki Royal Park and get to Chopin’s monument. Once there you’ll see a statue of Chopin sitting under a willow (1926) by a little pond among roses. Make yourself comfortable on the lawn or one of the benches and enjoy the music in Chopin’s Warsaw!

Concerts take place right by the monument in Łazienki Park (photo: Pxhere)

Get-togethers by Vistula River: Poniatówka & Bulwary Wiślane

For the past few years there has been a great interest in Vistula boulevards and beaches. If you are on the side of the city center (left-bank Vistula) you might enjoy an evening or a night out with friends by the river. Recently refurbished, Vistula Boulevards (Bulwary Wiślane) prove to be a nice place to chill. Bring your own or use one of the bars around to get food and drinks! With temperatures up to 30 Celcius from the end of April it is a great place to rest and party. (According to the newly introduced bill, drinking on “Schodki” (eng. steps) is no longer a law violation, so you won’t be fined if found with alcoholic beverages as long as you stay in the Boulevard area - yay!)

On the right-bank Vistula, right by the National Stadium, there is a beach called Poniatówka, which is a perfect place if you want to lay down and tan during the day or have a BBQ with friends later in the evening. In the summer season hundreds of people come out to enjoy the Vistual sand known for its softness. There are also other, smaller beaches around if you are not a great fan of crowds. At Poniatówka there are a few bars, where you might grab a beer or two.

Vistula Boulevards (photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Run of the Warsaw Uprising

Undoubtedly the most emotional and memorable run in Warsaw! To commemorate the people of Warsaw who rebelled against Nazi Germany oppression in 1944, every 1st August people of Warsaw run on a distance of 5-10km through the historic areas of the capital. This year it is the 28th time this event will take place and I encourage each and every one of you to join in. It is an emotional and spectacular run among the city’s landmarks beautifully lit in the evening. For more information and registration visit the Run of the Warsaw Uprising website.

Official logo of the 28th Run of the Warsaw Uprising (photo:

Lake Park Wilanów

A “day & night” place, a private beach where you can get some rest outside of the city. Apart from spending your day tanning you might also enjoy water sports offered by the facility. The place has a bar and a restaurant offering snacks, drinks and food. It is called one of the calmest and nicest beach in Warsaw. The Lake Park Wilanów can be found on the outskirts of the city. There is a fee of 10 PLN per person.

Palace Wilanów only few minutes away from the Lake Park (photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Summer Film Capital

Every summer film lovers can enjoy the series of open-air screenings called Filmowa Stolica Lata. Screenings are opened in different locations of Warsaw and last year audiences could enjoy as many as 200 movies in 23 different locations around the city. So! This year grab your friends, grab some snacks and follow the information on their website. To make everything easier for cinematography lovers from now on may enjoy movies along with their pets. Just look for a sign of a dog! Also, there will be sunbeds provided with Domino’s pizza for free (also double sunbeds for singles - who knows, maybe you’ll meet the love of your life there?)

Monta Beach Club

During my travels I learnt about my love for beach volleyball and I know this sport is very popular among people from outside of Poland. Recent heat waves and beautiful sunny days attract many beach lovers to a great spot for this sport - Monta Beach Club. A regular guest myself, I highly recommend the place as it is somewhat hidden away from the outside world. It is right by the Vistula river, it has the softest white sand, a beach bar, changing rooms, a restaurant and outdoor showers. Over the summer you can sign up for some of the competitions (nighttime ones as well!) and get yourself a coach if you want to brush up on your skills!

Targ śniadaniowy - The Breakfast Market

Every weekend you might enjoy having a breakfast during a Breakfast Market with loads of different stands and food trucks. These Markets function in different cities around Poland and they also involve happenings and concerts that make the experience even better for the guests. I have been to such markets before and I love the atmosphere and the food! You may try many different things at once and meet loads of interesting people, get yourself immersed in secrets of eating clean and healthy or simply indulge in your favorite snacks! It’s good to remember to have a bit of cash on you as it might be the case some stands do not take cards. Check it out here!


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