Torino is surely one of the most underrated cities in Italy. While the crowds are elbowing in Venice, Florence and Rome, undisturbed travellers and locals enjoy the much quiet streets and piazzas of Turin. There is so much to see in Turin and this guide can surely give you an idea of the amount of things you can do.

If you are considering a strategic move to Italy, wheather it is for studying or for work, we have the perfect option for you: Turin.
And since here at Spotahome, we are all super-nice and generous, we also want to help you find the perfect place to study or work remotely in Turin.


Address | Via Giovanni Giolitti, 19/A, 10123 Torino TO

MagazziniOz is like heaven for students and freelancers. It's divided into different areas, including meeting rooms, a bar, a garden and, most importantly, the study room which features excellent wifi, sockets on the walls and large tables.


Address | Via Francesco Cigna, 96/15, 10155 Torino TO

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EDIT is a great place for breakfast but also for reading, studying and working. Wi-fi is strong and reliable and there are power plugs at the counters, so you won't have to worry about power juice or distractions. There are comfy sofas where you can get started on your studying/working day.

Study halls of your faculty

Addresses | Sala studio Castelfidardo 30/A | Sala studio Svizzera 185 | Sala studio Pietro Giuria 17 | Sala studio Verdi 26 | Sala studio Michelangelo Buonarroti 17/BIS | Sala studio Sant’Ottavio 12 |

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You'll need to be enrolled in one of the university courses in order to access these study halls and some of them might be crowded, however these are the best places where you meet your friends for group works or to join forces at weekend for Monday's exams.
PS: I've collected some of my best uni memories in the study halls (details not to be disclosed. LOL

Murazzi Student Zone

Address|Via Murazzi del Po, 26 - Torino.

This is a young, multi-functional area and international meeting point for university students and young professionals. During the day, there are a large study hall, a library with free wi-fi connection and a cafeteria; while at evenings, cultural and music events, art exhibitions and social gatherings take place here.

National University Library

Address | Piazza Carlo Alberto, 3, 10123 Torino

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The National University Library (Biblioteca nazionale universitaria in Italian) in Turin, is one of the best libraries in Italy. It was founded in 1720 as the Royal University Library by Victor Amadeus II. If you ever get bored of studying or working there, don't worry, this library owns over 763,833 books, 1,095 periodicals and 1,600 incunabula so you'll have plenty of options to keep yourself entartained.

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