Thinking of relocating but not sure where you’ll fit in? Serious travelers know that getting by with strangers abroad is at least much about the nuances of tipping etiquette and an accurately placed cheek brush as it is about being able to quote entire Monty Python sketches after an uncountable number of tequilas.

The everyday gestures and habits that form the fabric of our lives back home, and which seem perfectly natural and sensible, might be considered outlandish and crude at your latest country; or worse, when you’re trying to find a new bunch of mates, your uptight disposition (nothing wrong with that) and adherence to arbitrary social conventions might be what gets you pre-uninvited to the hottest parties in town.

How to ensure you find a country where you can fit in?

The answer, as with most of today’s pressing quandaries, can be found in an infographic. Thanks to a highly engineered human algorithm (a research guy) it is now possible to consult an illustrated flowchart of some of the world’s cultures that most closely overlap in the aspects where it truly counts: gift etiquette, business-wear, and how close you can stand to your new friends without causing alarm.

Source: Expedia