Gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans love is celebrated every year all around the world to honor the 1969 Stonewall riots which were the consequence of strong protests against the police which attacked the gay community in Manhattan, New York. Usually celebrated on the last Sunday of June, the parades bring together all kinds of people with the same message:love wins. World's craziest gay pride parades Now, where are the craziest LGBT pride parades in the world?

1. Madrid LGBT Pride

The “Madrid Orgullo”, the Gay Pride in Madrid is by far the largest parade in Europe, and with around two million visitors it is also one of the biggest pride events in the world. WHEN: end June/beginning of July main parade and party on the last Saturday.World’s Craziest LGBT Pride ParadesPhoto Source: Wikipedia

2. San Francisco LGBT Pride

Since 1970, the San Francisco Gay Pride has been a symbol of people’s freedom to express their sexual identities and preferences. It is also one of the best and the biggest, with a parade that marches down Market Street, and a crazy festival near City Hall. WHEN: end of June.World’s Craziest LGBT Pride Parades

3. Montreal Fierte

Called “Fierte'”, Montreal’s gay pride, is one of the best LGBT pride events in the world as not only celebrates the sexual preferences of its people but also the diversity of this French and English speaking multicultural city.2016’s Pride Parade is presented by Viagra and will feature floats from hundreds sports teams, community groups as well as other LGTB organisations.WHEN: August World’s Craziest LGBT Pride ParadesPhoto source: Julie More

4. Sydney LGBT Mardi Gras

While America had the Stonewall gay and lesbian revolt in 1969, Austraila, had its own gay revolution in 1978, when police revoked a permit for a gay pride parade and arrested 51 people. Now,the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is one of the biggest celebrations in the world, . Unlike many other cities, where gay pride lasts a day, a weekend or a week, Sydney Mardi Gras lasts for 3-4 weeks with a huge parade happening each February/March.WHEN: March

World’s Craziest LGBT Pride ParadesPhotograph: Nikki Short/AAP

5. Sao Paulo

The Sao Paulo Gay Pride or Parada do Orgulho LGBT de Sao Paulo gathered 2,000 participants in 1997  and 2.5 million people in 2006 edition and it made it to the Guinness Book for the world’s biggest Gay Pride celebration. For an entire month this year, both the official and the parallel programs offer a rich calendar of events: debates, theatre plays,  concerts, dance and much more.WHEN: May

World’s Craziest LGBT Pride Parades
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7. Shanghai

For political reasons, one of the youngest pride celebration which got its start in 2009, doesn’t include a parade. But the LGBT community has put together an amazing calendar for everyone that includes Open Mic, Cinemas, Panel Discussions and a fantastic closing party.WHEN: Mid June World’s Craziest LGBT Pride ParadesPhoto source: Shanghai Pride

8. Berlin

Known by locals as Christopher Street Day or CSD Berlin, the love festivities are now spread over a week and offer around 200 events. Berlin’s ‘Christopher Street Day is one of the most eclectic pride celebrations in Europe with a calendar that includes amazing shows, art exhibitions, lectures, LGTB films, concerts and plenty of partying.WHEN: end July World’s Craziest LGBT Pride Parades
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World’s Craziest LGBT Pride Parades