Well, you are living or planning to move to Milan? Excellent choice! I also lived there for two years on an expat assignment but I think the city has truly changed in the last few years. In fact, I believe it has improved exponentially from the time when I was working there.

Also in terms of technology and transports, the city seems to be catching up with the other major European cities like Paris,  and Madrid. We are still far behind from London magic underground system, but there are great improvements and certainly, the following apps are going to help you getting around Milan and make the most of your time there.

1. CityMapper

Find your way around Milan (and any major city in the world) with the ultimate navigation app. Whichever mode of transport you choose (metro, bus, tram, walking and even cycling), CityMapper will show you up-to-the-minute information about which routes are fastest as well as which one is the most convenient. On the app, you can also save locations such as work or uni or your favourite place to study/work so it's easier to plan your journey.

2. ATM Milan

An alternative to CityMapper is the official App by the public transport authority of Milan. Unbelievably, it actually works. LOL.
You can calculate the distance between your starting point and the point of arrival, and it will suggest the best transport to get there. The push notifications will keep you up to date with any delayed or suspended lines.
A very useful extra of the app is that you can buy tickets by credit card or text message.

3. DriveNOW

DriveNOW allows you to rent a minute-based, high-end car all around Milan. It's a great solution if you: (1) want to save money and stress from parking, (2) are trying to have an impact on the environment by using public transports as much as possible, (3) think, like me, that's shameful that Uber is forbidden in Italy and protesting to the Italian taxi drivers by finding alternative solutions AND think the cost for a taxi in Milan and the rest of Italy is ridiculously expensive!!!

4. Waze

A great combo to car-sharing is another brilliant app called Waze. This is a very special satellite navigator which is able to detect traffic in real time thanks to a very active community of Waze's users. Another amazing thing is that it tells you about speed cameras, police or incidents on the route. Basically, it's like having a personal satellite that tells you everything you need to know in real time!

5. Glovo

There are plenty of food delivery options in Milan, but I like Glovo better because it's not simply about food, but you can ask the Glovers to bring anything you need. Let's say you are ill and need some medicine, or you need some last minute flowers or a bottle of wine for a dinner party, Glovo brings it to you. I also love this app because I think about the elderly or disabled people and I believe it could really help them to live an easier life. Don't you think so too?

6. Spotted by Locals

This travel app states it only features the absolute favourite spots of real locals in 76 cities, including Milan. The cool thing about this app is that it's 100% offline and we've all been shocked off roaming charges or without data at least once in our lifetime. Thankfully this app doesn't need the net once you've downloaded. The best part of it is that you here you'll find true authentic local spots which is ideal if you have recently moved to Milan and wish now to explore beyond the touristy landmarks.

7. Instagram

How can I compile a list of the best apps without mentioning Instagram? Of course, it wasn't born as a travel app, but it's definitely become one in recent years as more and more people get inspired to visit places through it. If you need a little bit of inspiration about instagrammable places in Milan, you can also check my top tips here ?!

All images belong to the respective apps developers - they are used here only for informative purpose