Spring is here and the final Summer session is coming up fast. I feel ya. I used to feel exhausted at this time of the year, crawling from classroom to classroom and then home for more study time. It was a different time back then - yeah, Auntie Sabri is quite old guys - and the concept of studying (or working) in a public space was unknown back then. Except for University's dedicated, old and noisy study rooms, there were no other options, but my bedroom. Times have changed and it seems that the digital revolution has finally arrived in old, slow Italy too. Especially in Milan where you won't struggle to find great spots to get your head down on your books or produce excellent group projects with your uni mates.

With the help of Spotahome local students, professionals and digital nomads, I've compiled this list of the best places to study (and work) in Milan. So now you can simply pick one, order your steaming coffee and sit down with your laptop or books to get some work done! Enjoy!

1 Open

Definitely not a traditional library or usual coffee shop, Open is a new and innovative concept. Here, you can buy books, study and work. There is a  €9 entry fee per day, but you can also get a reasonable €59 monthly membership which entitles you to free access to the coworking areas all day, discounts on Bistrot consumptions and books and gifts.

WHERE: Viale Monte Nero, 6

2 Sempione Library

Set right in the middle of one of the most beautiful parks in Milan, Parco Sempione, this small library is a great spot to get some work done or for the final immersion before any exams. An extra plus is that you can take a break and go take a walk in the park when you're feeling tired!

WHERE: Parco Sampione


Created by the bright minds of three young entrepreneurs, Pavè is the perfect place for “merenda” – the Italian afternoon snack. On top of a great selection of cakes, coffee, and cappuccinos, it is a great place to plug your laptop or sip on a cappuccino while preparing for the next exam near the Central Station area.

WHERE: Via Felice Casati, 27

4 Catholic University Library

Located in the city centre, inside the Catholic University, you'll have the unique opportunity to study in a UNESCO World Heritage Site. So, on top of top-notch silence, here you'll also have the possibility to fully immerse yourself in its stunning setting. Remember that you’ll need a student ID to access this library.

WHERE: Largo Agostino Gemelli, 1

5 Santeria

The Santeria has two locations in the city, one in the Bocconi area and the other in the Città Studi. They are both multi-purpose places, open all day where you can find a vinyl shop, an art gallery, a café and a co-working space. You'll surely won't be bored during your breaks, but make sure to focus on the remaining time. Remember that at lunch and dinner time, the café becomes a restaurant, so kindly ​leave if you don't intend to eat there.

WHERE: Viale Toscana, 31; Via Ettore Paladini, 8

6 California Bakery

A true American bakery, this chain features 9 stores throughout the city, where, you can eat delicious bagels, pancakes and hamburgers while getting on with your work or study. Extra plus: lots of sockets for your laptop!

WHERE: 9 locations around town

7 Coffice

This is a co-working space, which means that access isn't free. However, the rates are quite reasonable and with it, you also get free coffee, tea, muffins, biscuits and other snacks. There are two Milanese Coffice venues, one in Sant’Ambrogio area and one in Porta Romana, both designed with a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

WHERE: Viale Caldara, 1; Via Olona, 11

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8 Talent Garden

This is probably the best co-working space in Milan (Italy?). Not only a brand new work experience, but everything here is designed to improve creativity, make new connections and let your ideas flow. There is a lounge, private desks or closed offices. Probably better suited for professionals and freelancers, students should still keep an eye open on their Innovation School which offers masters and courses about digital technologies and innovation, with a focus on coding, data, design, marketing and business.

9 RED Feltrinelli

There are four locations of this Feltrinelli book chain: one in Piazza Gae Aulenti, one in Porta Romana, one in City Life and the most recent in Corso Garibaldi. RED  is a great bookshop concept which combines Read, Eat, Dream (RED). You can always find students and professionals here working on their laptops and books.

WHERE: Corso Garibaldi, 1; Piazza Gae Aulenti, 1; Piazza Tre Torri, l; Viale Sabotino, 28

10 Upcycle

Another option in Città Studi is the Upcycle Bike Cafè, a place with a cycling soul.  On top of being a lovely cafe with a large central table and many other tables, perfect to work and study, this is also a must-see spot for all cycling lovers. And if your bike has any issues, they offer repair, training and information on the maintenance. Another great aspect is that Upcycle promotes a sustainable lifestyle thanks to its recycling and re-using initiatives and workshops.

WHERE: Via Ampère 59

11 oTTo

Right in the middle of the Paolo Sarpi area, this coffee shop features a gorgeous Nordic, minimal and bohemian design. Filled with a friendly atmosphere, it is a perfect space for study and work sessions. Sarpi Otto also hosts events and exhibition featuring local artists.

WHERE: Via Paolo Sarpi, 8

12 Mag Cafe

Small, but beautiful, Mag Cafe is an excellent cocktail bar in the Navigli area. Why am I adding a cocktail bar to this list? Well, during the morning and afternoon, the place turns into a great spot for work and study which also features free wifi and sockets. Once you're done with your work, put away your books, and order a Moscow Mule!

WHERE: Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 43, 20143 Milano MI

13 Ca'Puccino

In both of the two locations of Ca'Puccino, you can find free Wifi, comfortable armchairs and many sockets for charging your laptop. Not only a great place to concentrate, but this cute cafe also features a great selection of coffees (hot and cold), smoothies, teas, sandwiches, salads, main dishes, ice creams and cakes.

WHERE: Piazza Armando Diaz, 5; Via Marcello Malpighi, 1

Thanks for reading this post! Have you tried any of the places listed above? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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