Did you know that today, November 13, is World Kindness Day?
While life can be rough sometimes, we should never forget to be kind with each other. Whether in your real life or your digital one, remember to be kind. Here are 10 Kind Ideas to Celebrate World's Kindness Day.
You might even find out that it pays off, even if you only do one small act of kindness.


1 Buy a meal or a coffee for a stranger

Ever heard of the "caffè sospeso" tradition in Naples? Well, in Italy, people will get a coffee for themselves and one for someone who perhaps can’t afford to buy one. In Naples, only an hour from Rome, you can buy a coffee not only for people in need, but also for any stranger who happens to enter the same cafe as you. What about starting this little, big tradition at your local cafe?

2 Buy a flower and give it to a stranger

Head to a florist and hand it to a busy stranger tonight at Tube station in London, Paris or Berlin. Maybe leave a little note attached about World's Kindness Day. You will surely change their day and perhaps that of the people around them.

3 Buy or make a present for your neighbours

Have you recently moved house? Have you met your neighbours yet? Well, today is the perfect day to arrange a little rendezvous. Buy something or bake a cake and get to know them.

4 Write a nice letter

Write a little note with something nice and hand it to a stranger who looks nervous or sad. Like no.2 you will turn their day around and it won't cost you a thing.

5 Spread positivity and love today

If you are going to share a Facebook update today, make it positive and nice. Google some great news and share those. Invest 30 minutes to really engage with your digital friends.

6 Say Thank You

Pick up the phone to your mum/dad/granny/sister/husband and tell them you are grateful they are in your life.

7 Send Three Nice Messages

Tonight, write three nice text messages/emails and send them to friends you haven't heard from for a while. Tell them how awesome they are. Tell them you miss them.

8 Leave a Generous Tip

If you are heading out for dinner tonight, leave a generous tip (if the waiter was nice of course). Chat with them and thank them for their service

9 Pick up trash on your way back to work

Ever noticed how much trash is around town? Well, do your bit and don't throw anything on the floor. If you are feeling extra-kind, why don't you start picking some trash too?

10 Get a nice bath or a book or both

It's nice to be kind to others, but when was the last time you did something nice for yourself? Tonight is the moment. Save an hour or two, simply doing something you love. Switch off your phone and just pamper yourself with your favourite activity.

The world would be such a better place if we, sometimes, took off our attention from our own problems and phones and looked at the world around us with a heart filled with grace. Why don't implement these 10 ideas for the rest of the year instead of only today? Or maybe even for the rest of our lives?

Happy World's Kindness Day from Spotahome!

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