So, you finally have a great CV and have prepared super well for your interview. It's now time to find the perfect internship in London. Follow this guide to swiftly enter the job market in London and get your spot!

You surely have already scouted the internet and done your online search, now it's time to land that job in London.

You should allow yourself at least six months to find and organise an internship in London. It might take less, but if you really want to find the perfect job or internship in your dream company, then you will want to allow yourself enough time to find it.

So, once you have decided on the industry you would like to intern in, the next step is to contact all the companies that offer an internship programme.

But how do I find these companies?

This is why Spotahome is here and we've put together this quick guide to help you find the perfect internship in London!

Holy Google

Type "best companies in XXX industry London" and voilà! Incredibly, you will find a huge number of names of brands and companies operating in that industry. Then, click on their company website and check for job opportunities or the contact tab.

Professional Industry Societies & Unions

Depending on the industry of your choice, you may have a professional governing body overseeing the industry which it will advertise when specific opportunities are available.
Law, Medicine, Engineering and Teaching have a union available to contact in London. So if you are interning in any of these industries then check their websites and job boards for the latest opportunities.

Online Job Boards

If you have been researching online, you must already be familiar with the various online job boards such as and which are a good way of finding new opportunities in London.

Job Fairs

There are hundreds of job fairs happening all around the UK and especially in London all year round. A great website to sign up is The Job Fairs which lists all the best fairs (some great ones happening this month!!)

Your University Job Board

Make sure to frequently check the University Job Board for relevant positions in the field of your preference.

Your Network

The world is a small place, so you never know who knows who. Ask around, spread the word about you looking for a job in London. This is often the best way to find the perfect internship in London.

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