We've already discussed in details how to find your perfect home in London, now I'm going to point out here the questions to ask when renting an apartment in London. Whether you are renting from a private owner or an agency, keep these questions at hand. In this article I summarised what to ask when touring an apartment as well as things to consider when renting a house.

Questions to ask when renting an apartment in London

1. Who manages the property and what happens if anything goes wrong?

If a pipe breaks or the washing machine doesn't wash, you need to ask your landlord or letting agents on who you should contact to fix them. If it's the landlord, they need to give you some details about how the landlord works.

2. Does the property come furnished or unfurnished?

This is a tiny, little detail some agents might forget to mention which could turn into a huge WT* moment when you move in. So, make sure to ask the critical question.

3. What's included in the monthly rental cost?

When you are asking about your monthly rent, make sure to ask for what's included and not included. You should keep an eye out for hidden extras such as service charges.

4. How much exactly is the holding deposit?

Make sure you understand how your deposit works, when and how it will be returned to you.

5. Who lives next door?

Everybody had noisy neighbours once in their life, right? And [we know how to deal with them](How to Deal with Noisy Neighbours), but asking who lives there is always a useful thing to do. You might find out that Jude Law is your neighbour. Or a teens' metal rock band.

6. Can I decorate my house?

Most tenancy agreements state that you can’t paint the walls, erect shelves, put up pictures or change any of the decors. However, talking directly to the landlord and if you have a little bit of taste can take you a long way if you are improving the overall quality of the apartment you live in London. Always make sure to ask first.

7. Who are the other tenants?

If you're moving into a flatshare, it's worth asking who the other tenants are. If the house is empty, is also interesting to find out why the previous tenants are moving out. You can even get their contact details to have an off-the-record conversation.

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8 What about heating & water?

Check what kind of boiler there is and if the radiators work. Also, make sure your landlord has a service agreement in place for your boiler. What happens if it breaks? What's the 24-hour phone number you can call in an emergency. While you are at it, look out for double glazing, which will keep the place much warmer on top the granny tips we shared in this article. Don't forget to check the water pressure in the shower! It's one of the most annoying things in London. I swear.

9. Where is the parking spot?

If you drive, make sure to ask about parking nearby. You may also be given an allocated space or you might be able to get a permit from the council.

10. Can I check the EPC?

It should be standard to include an EPC on the property advertisement, however, you might have to ask to see it. Make sure to ask what the property's rating is and what that might mean for your energy bills.

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