1. Endless Erasmus parties.

2. Sangria or Tinto de verano – perfect drink choices regardless of the season.

3. There’s nothing like chilling in Retiro park on a sunny day after your lectures.

4. Or spending a whole day getting a tan on la Malvarrosa or La Barceloneta beach.

5. You’ll pick up a new language in no time!

6. Small Spanish towns are the perfect weekend getaway.

Photo source: 5 Small Spanish Towns Worth a Visit – http://teachandtravelspain.com/5-small-spanish-towns-worth-a-visit/

7. Chupitos. Many, many chupitos.

8. Churros. Many, many churros.

9. La Tomatina festival lets you throw tomatoes at each other.

10. And Madrid’s rooftop bars are the coolest place to hang out.

11. Living in Valencia feels like being on vacation 24/7

12. Spanish street parties are the coolest thing you’ll ever see.

13. Granada’s sunny plazas are the place to be in the summer.

14. Café con leche will wake you up for any lesson.

15. Eurovision parties bring a whole new meaning to crazy European music

16. Tapas in Seville. Enough said.

17. A weekend escape to Toledo is like traveling back in time.

18. London is just a short (and cheap) plane trip away.

19. And the rest of Europe is right at your doorstep.

20. Because in the end, you’ll never want to leave.

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