– and it really doesn’t matter how old you are (we’re looking at you, blog posts on ‘Why You Should Live Abroad in Your 20s’).

1. To get out of your comfort zone.

Most of us found ourselves doing things out of our ordinary routines. And it feels incredible.

2. To meet the best and the worst kind of people.

Not everyone is a ray of sunshine (some rays burn us more than others), but everyone can teach you a lesson.

3. To learn all about homesickness.

And know how to tackle it, whether it is through Netflix and bed (and chill) or just a quick Skype call to your family.

4. To increase your language skills.

From learning the language of the country, to learning random swear words in several other languages.

5. To erase ‘ordinary’ from your vocabulary.

What is ordinary and why is it something you would want to be?

7. Because you gain a different point of view

8. And it looks good on your CV.

Lived and worked abroad? It makes you adaptable, separates you from the others and is an excellent conversation starter during an interview.

9. Because you can!

It can be a lot easier than it sounds!

10. And you never regret it.

The good experiences will always outweigh the bad.

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