Maybe we’re being biased because Spotahome is based in Spain, but we’re absolutely in love with Spanish festivals, no matter how odd they might be. There’s more to Spain than just the regular partying under the sun, with a glass (or a bottle) of Sangria and a full plate of paella. When Spain gets culturally turnt up, it gets weird, but at the same time, no one really questions it. It’s a “go with the flow” kind of thing. Don’t believe us?

How many of these festivals have you heard of?

1. El Colacho – The Baby Jumping Festival

Ever in the mood to watch a man dressed as a devil jump over some newborn babies? This, believe it or not, traditionally Catholic festival, dates back to 1620’s and its intention is to bless the newborn babies, remove their original sin and protect them from illness. Purified by the devil? Sign us up!

It’s got the cute factor, the danger factor, the entertainment factor and the weird factor!

We approve (as long as no one gets hurt).

When? Summertime (exact dates vary each year)

Where? Castrillo de Murcia

Photo source: fest300

2. Battle of Claret

As Claret, a type of rosé wine, is made in Rioja town, it’s only fair that its greatness is celebrated here. 30,000 litres of Claret are donated so that the participants of this festival can battle it out – fill up your bucket or a water pistol with Claret and let the battle begin!

When? July 26th

Where? Rioja town of San Asensio

Photo source: rutasdelvinorioja

3. Aplec del Caragol – The Snail Festival

Slowly (no pun intended) spread over three days, this festival is a paradise for snail lovers.

It consists of plenty of social clubs, concerts, competitions and much, much more – it’s a perfect way to meet new people. Fans of snails should definitely escarGO to this beautiful festival and raise the shell!

Fun fact: 12 tonnes of snails are consumed during this festival.

When? Springtime (exact dates vary each year)

Where? Lerida

Photosource: spanishculture

4. Festival of Near Death Experience

Ah ah ah ah stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive! We approve of this life celebration festival, aimed at those who have had a near death experience, but are still here with us today. Wondering what’s so odd about this? Maybe the fact that the “survivors” are carried by their family and friends. In a coffin. All the way to the church.

Don’t have a family or friends? You have to carry your own coffin! (Seriously, we’re not kidding).

When? July 29th

Where? Galicia

Photo source: odditycentral

5. Jarramplas festival

No one really knows why this is a thing and we believe that’s the true beauty of it. If you’re ever in a mood to throw turnips at a man, dressed as a colorful horned demon, then this is a perfect festival for you. It is believed that this festival can really beat the devil out of the masked man.

When? Saint Sebastian Day (January 19-20)

Where? Pironal

Photo source: theaustralian

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