When it comes to studying abroad, Brussels is becoming a popular destination. There are many reasons why students just can’t get enough of this city of waffles and chocolate. Here’s Spotahome's top five reasons why you should study in Brussels – to keep up with the educational theme, we’ve thrown some interesting facts about the city in the mix!

Did you know that Belgium produces and exports over 220,000 tonnes of chocolate annually?

1. Excellent MBA programs and low tuition fees

Belgium’s reputation for its international MBA and EMBA programs is growing and the secret behind their success is a choice between full time or part time studies, with corporate internships available. This enables students to gain work experience in their area of study and opens many doors to future career opportunities.

Anybody with a qualifying diploma is free to register for any university or college in Belgium. Tuition fees can vary from €80 to €830, depending on the student’s income, with financial aid available. For more information on tuition fees specific to your chosen university, please visit the university’s official website.

2. Multilingual and multicultural

Brussels is an excellent choice for those wishing to practise languages. French, Moroccan, Italian, Romanian, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Bulgarian and Turkish communities are just a few examples of the diversity found in Brussels, creating a fantastic multilingual and multicultural environment.

Official languages that prevail in the city are French and Dutch, however, English is starting to be widely recognised. So pick a language, grab a native and start practising!

Did you know that immigrants represent 15% of the population of Belgium?

3. The rest of Europe is just a cheap flight away

As the city is located in the heart of Europe, it won’t take long to get to other countries either by car (road trip!) or plane. You can catch a return flight to most European countries for under €50 if planned in advance – perfect for a weekend getaway and a break from your studies in Brussels!

Did you know that Brussels’ International Airport is the world’s largest chocolate selling point?

4. A wide selection of festivals

Belgium is known for its openness, and with that, come many (and we mean many) multicultural festivals that are just waiting for your arrival. A few of Spotahome’s favorites includeRock Wrechter, Binche, Belgian PrideandBrussels Jazz Marathon. For a complete list of festivals in Brussels, visitthe official Brussels website.

Did you know that Brussels offers a variety of 1.000 beers from 150 breweries?

5. Chocolate (Do we need to say more?)

Lovers of chocolate will rejoice at the fact that they will live in a city with its own chocolate factory. Belgian chocolate is known all over the world, with its fame dating back to the 17th century – its production plays an important part in Belgian economy, so make sure you at least have one bite during your study in Belgium.

And before you shake your head and judge calorie intake, you should know that indulging in this delicacy is actually a healthy habit: dark chocolate, in particular, is nutritious, full of antioxidants and is excellent for lowering your stress levels.

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So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head over to Brussels now!

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