Alright ladies and gentlemen, I know. I feel ya. Tomorrow is the worst day of the year if you are single, but let me tell y'all. You're better than this. I guarantee you.

While there are about 13449258340763 articles about how to get the man/woman of your life on the internet, I often get asked (and I asked myself too): how do I cope with Valentine's Day when all I see are happy couples?

Well, my friends, I will summarise my secrets to being happy while single in this short article. I really should be writing an essay since I'm a real expert on the subject...erm, but I would probably get fired and I really like my Spotahome job :)

1. You are enough

Learn to do things on your own. Ask yourself what kind of things you enjoy doing alone. Is it watching a movie at the cinema? Is it going to museums? Restaurants? I personally love going to the cinema and art exhibitions by myself. I often decline friends' invites to these two activities because I truly enjoy being by myself.

2. Don't stay in a relationship that doesn't add value to your life

Look around yourself. Do you have any unhappy friends with or without children? I do. I must say that MOST of my friends are in unhappy relationships. It is sad, but it is hard to change when you are comfortable. In fact, there is nothing harder than leaving your comfort zone, including a comfortable relationship. But, hey! You only live once and that also means that you should aim for the stars, or at least for the best possible person you can think of. Don't stay in a relationship that doesn't make the best out of you, that pushes you to be the best version of yourself, that adds value to your life. If it's a struggle, a constant fight, a complicated relationship, leave the boat.

3. Have a massive party or pamper yourself for a date

Hello Tinder, Grinder, Guapa and the rest. Yes, time is short, apps are good. If you aren't ready for a date, go out for a run, cinema, invite your single BFFs home for a night in. Read a book. Just make yourself happy.

4. Travel alone

It’s first. But once the weirdness washes away, it becomes a freedom you don’t often have. You get to be on your own schedule and have the chance to spend as much time as you want doing whatever it is that you want to do — all while being in a new place. Explore! Create an adventure!

5. You are not alone

Even if your ex cheated on you, you got divorced, your relationship fell apart - Your family and friends are always going to be there. While you are single, nurish and foster these relationships, because you'll naturally have less time once you fall in love again.

6. You already are a whole, you don't need to be completed

I feel sad for people who still believe they need to find someone to complete them. That's an old story, guys and it's fake. We are all born as whole, incredible, magnificient human beings and there is no other half of the apple missing. There is only, perhaps, another nice apple to bite. Learn how to feel good with yourself. If you can’t stand to be alone with yourself, why should someone else be expected to be with you?

7. Every new relationship is better than the previous one

Well, I don't have scientific results to prove this, but it's true based on my personal love experiences. If I look back at my exes and stories, I predominantly see improvement one after the other. It's like the quality of my relationships is direclty proportionate to time. Is that because I'm becoming wiser? Perhaps. More patient? For sure. Have less expectations? Also. But I think the element that is making my relationships better and better is the fact that I AM better and better.

Really guys, love is amazing, but it isn't everything in life. Don’t be afraid to be single. Being single is quite amazing in fact (but I shouldn't write this since my significant others reads this blog and will probably question me tomorrow...oooops!). But, seriously, use the time while you are single to look deep into yourself, project the person you want to become and work hard on the parts of you which need smoothing.

And you? Are you single and happy? Share your experience in the comments!

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