Coimbra is located in central Portugal 1 hour and a half south of Porto. The university city has a population of just under 500,000 people and is known for inspiring J.K Rowling in writing Harry Potter. Coimbra is a young city that can inspire you. The city feels like a big town with a tight knit community that will make you feel at home instantly.

The weather in Coimbra is mild with warm summers but cold and wet winters with temperatures rarely moving below 0 degrees Celsius. Cost of living is reasonable with a high quality of life. The transport links in the city are well developed and well connected to the rest of the country so you can very easily move around in this peaceful and quiet city surrounded by traditional Portuguese architecture and culture.

If you are looking for a secure apartment in Coimbra there are many you can find in the amazing winding streets.

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This coastal city right next to the Douro River is known for its bridges and its amazing wine. If you haven’t tried Port wine, we urge you to try it ASAP!

Behind Lisbon, Porto is the second most expensive city in the country but unlike Lisbon accommodation in Porto is a lot easier to obtain. With a population of around 1.3 million people, the city is big but not overwhelmingly so that you can still travel around on foot. With a lower crime rate than Lisbon and some beautiful architecture, Porto is located in the north west of Portugal with a cooler climate. The city is one of the safest in the country and if you want to change up the scenery you can drive north to Vigo in 2 hours.

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Located just south of Lisbon (& technically part of Lisbon depending on who you ask) over the river is Setúbal. With a population of 120,000 if you want the beach and small town lifestyle Setúbal is the perfect place for you.

Beaches such as  Galapos beach, Praia da Saúde and Parque Natural da Arrábida are breathtaking spots within such close proximity to the town. Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the spaces with many hiking trails on the cliffs and forest near the city. Setúbal apartments are affordable and perfect for those who want a quiet and slow life and enjoy every single moment.

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The capital of Algarve is home to a population of 400,000 people. If you are craving sunshine and love fresh seafood this is the place to be. In Faro life happens outside even in the winter with temperature only reaching as low as 8 degrees Celsius.

The city has a lot of history from when various empires conquered the country, from the Romans, Byzantine, Moors and Christians, everywhere you go in the city you will be surrounded by the history that made Portugal. With a big expat community around the city with a buzzing nightlife and social scene not only offers fun but also safety.

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This town in the southern part of the Algarve region has 30,000 inhabitants. This town in the south of Portugal offers a laid back lifestyle where you can embrace the beach life and wander through the historic centre.

This is the place to live life to the fullest and live the true adventure. You’ll have so many places to eat out, many accommodation options and year round warm weather.

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Located in the Alentejo region with a population of 50,000 people and 2 hours drive from Lisbon. This city is a little open air museum where you can explore different parts of daily life.

Évora is great for those who want a city life but also want to be in touch with the rural life with rolling fields of grass and farm animals around and the cherry on top of many wine vineyards creating the region's amazing Alentejo wine. In Évora life can be affordable and quiet or social in the city life with the major city of the country not too far away.

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Portugal's Venice, Viseu is picturesque and beautiful to immerse yourself in. Historically the canals served as a trading facilitator. The city is relatively affordable and a city for those who like a quiet life within a city with a community feel.

The city is very flat which is different from other cities in Portugal so it is easily walkable without you running out of breath moving around the city. This peaceful city will make you feel like you are living in a vibrant painting.

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This city in the north point of Portugal is the religious center of Portugal. The third largest city in Portugal that is not as busy as Lisbon or Porto and has a peaceful city vibe.

Being in the northern region of Portugal the country has colder weather in comparison to the south. Winters are wet and cold and summers while hot are not blazing. Here you can have a high quality of life that is quiet and perfect if you are looking for a great family environment.

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