As winter approaches people are attending the beach less. This is the perfect time to take a nice calm stroll along the seafront with your pets. Wrap up warm, enjoy the peace and the beautiful sunset you can catch. Your pets deserve to see the beauty of the world too. Who says the beach is only for sweltering hot days!

Here are some of the beaches in Lisbon where you can freely stroll with your pet in the fresh salty Lisbon sea breeze.

Getting To The Beaches

If you plan to take public transport to these places, plan ahead. Dogs and cats are allowed on public transport as long as they are escorted either on a leash or in a carrier.

If your dog is considered dangerous in Portugal you will need to not be allowed on public transport, the breeds are as follows. Fila Brasileiro, Argentinian Dog, Pit Bull Terrier, Rottweiler, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Tosa Inu.

In addition please make sure the pets are microchipped and have a valid rabies shot certificate. While travelling within public transport leave your dogs on the floor and be mindful of other passengers you are travelling around.

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Coral Beach, Viana do Castelo

This dog friendly beach is located in the north of the country, 1 hour drive  from Porto. The name of the beach derives from a Chinese ship that would visit the west pier often. The waters at this beach are calm due to the protection of the pier that extends into the sea.

The area is wide, sandy and calm which allows ample opportunity for your dog or cat to roam while you enjoy a calm walk. This is the perfect spot if you want to drive to the area as there is parking and great infrastructure in the area.

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Porto da Areia Norte Beach, Peniche

A little over an hour drive from Lisbon this spot is popular with surfers and wildlife enthusiasts. 80 meters in length and plenty of pet waste disposal bins that can allow you to enjoy the scenery and preserve it while you are there. Maybe even try your hand at surfing while your pet enjoys the show!

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Ramalha Sul Beach, Esposende

Located 30 minutes drive from the beautiful city of Braga. This beach is perfect for those who like to sportfish or wind surf. There is a pier that separates the neighbouring urban beach so don’t get mixed up when you end up at the location!

The area has wheelchair access, car parking spots and other facilities that will make this place a nice spot to take a moment to breathe and get away from the city.


Praia Suave Mar

30 minutes drive from Braga and 45 minutes drive from Porto situated by the River Cávado surrounded by pine forests and dunes. This area is a protected landscape for the coast of Esposende.

This beach is a perfect mix for beach lovers and nature lovers, enjoy the Atlantic coastline and grab a bite to eat on this spectacular beach.

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Praia da Samarra

An hour's drive from Lisbon in Sintra, the beach is positioned surrounded by mountains and cliffs that will take your breath away. Sintra is a beautiful district of Lisbon that has many spectacular beaches in the area.

This paradise is hidden and can only be accessed by a dirt road but don’t be scared! Take a beautiful walk and leave the area as you found it. An untouched gem of Sintra.

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Praia da Aguda

We told you Sintra is the place of many many beautiful beaches so here is another one. This unguarded beach is tricky to get to but you will be rewarded once you arrive.

The natural coastline gives the sunset that extra little touch of magic. The beach is unguarded and narrow but, if you love nature this is the place to go and the beach is always almost empty!


Praia Pequena do Rodízio

Also located in Sintra, sheltered from the north winds and very secluded, this area is popular for bodysurfers, surfers and people who love to fish. Don’t feel like walking in the sand? Take a walk along the cliffs. This beach has natural and wild beauty to be admired.

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Praia do Pescoço do Cavalo

This small beach is along the strip that leads to the beaches of Cascais. This supervised beach has many facilities to take advantage of, lay your towel along the large rocks and enjoy the view. This little area often goes unnoticed to your benefit as there is little foot fall on the beach.

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Praia de Alpertuche

This picture book beach is located 25 minutes drive from Setúbal. The turquoise water will allow you to re-connect mind, body and soul sheltered between the rocks and eucalyptus trees. This gem is truly one to experience with your beloved pets.


When you go to these beaches please preserve the nature and beauty of the place. Leave it as you found it and leave only footprints and paw prints. Enjoy the space and appreciate the nature you are surrounded by.

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