It doesn’t matter if you’re living in Berlin or just visiting for a few days - you’ll probably come in contact with dozen of types of beer either way. Berlin, or should we say, Beerlin is the ultimate destination for beer lovers, as is the rest of Germany. You’ll be surprised to know just how different beer types are there! We’ll give you the ultimate lowdown on what to expect during your stay in Berlin.


Top 10 German Beers

Here are the beers you’ll most likely end up coming across in Berlin:

Berliner Weissbier: Slightly sour and bitter taste, depending on the special recipe touches.
Pilsner: Zesty and light, a perfect summer choice.
Maibock: Light beer with a slightly spicy and peppery taste.
Gose: Originally sour, with plenty of different ingredients added to spice up the flavour.
Bock: A very heavy, sweet and nutty beer.
Doppelbock: Another heavy choice with a slight caramel undertone.
Schwarzbier: Surprising lighter-than-expected flavour with hints of chocolate.
Rauchbier: Aka smoked beer with a smokey flavour.
Hefeweizen: Banana and clove flavour.
Märzen: THE Oktoberfest beer, slightly bitter but just the right amount of spicy.
Kölsch: A slight sweet residue in combination with bitter - similar to white wine.

Best Breweries and Pubs in Berlin


Let’s start with one of the most unique bars in Berlin where plenty of locals as well as tourists love to hang out for longer periods of time and enjoy the good beer along with a game of shuffleboard. Kaschk features a wide selection of beers as well as amazing coffee and a fantastic atmosphere - everything you really need in life.

Photo Credit: Kaschk Facebook Page

Address: Linienstraße 40, 10178 Berlin, Germany

Hops & Barley

Hops & Barley is where you go when you’re a homesick Brit living in Berlin - it has that English pub atmosphere. You can find just about any type of beer here and as a bonus, the bar itself is located in one of the most popular neighbourhoods in Berlin. It’s worth coming back again and again as this brewery also brings out season special beers.

Photo Credit: Hops & Barley Facebook Page

Address: Wühlischstraße 22/23, 10245 Berlin, Germany

Birra-Italian Craft Beer

In Birra, simplicity is key. This brewery might be small and cosy but their selection of beers is definitely not small. Birra has been praised for its absolutely outstanding beer choices - it’s definitely one of the go-to brewery spots in the city.

Photo Credit: Birra Italian Craft Beer Facebook page

Address: Prenzlauer Allee 198, 10405 Berlin, Germany

Bierkombinat Kreuzberg

Looking dark and msyerious, Bierkombinat is for those that want to escape the ever-so-crowded funky places and hang out with true Berliners instead. It’s a perfect place to enjoy a good-tasting beer while cheering for your favourite football team. Here you’ll find traditional beers as well as some specials with a pretty impressive amount of alcohol - definitely worth a visit!

Address: Manteuffelstraße 53, 10999 Berlin, Germany

Stone Brewing Berlin

Now we’re talking! Stone is one of the most scenic breweries in the suburban area of Berlin, unexpectedly located in an ex gasworks facility that was turned into a pretty picturesque destination. This is the place to go if you’re on a taste test mission - you’ll be able to try beer from 65 beer taps and enjoy a wide selection of American as well as typical German and Belgian styles. Keep an eye on experimental beers and limited brews!

Photo Credit: Stone Brewing Berlin Facebook page

Address: Im Marienpark 23, 12107 Berlin, Germany


Heidenpeters is without a doubt one of the most unique breweries you’ll stumble upon when in Berlin. Along with absolutely mindblowing beer, they also have a very Instagram-worthy decor - just trust us on this one. Its popularity allowed the company to expand to plenty of other German cities which can only mean one thing - it really has the best beer in town.

Photo Credit: Heidenpeters Facebook page

Address: Eisenbahnstraße 42-43, 10997 Berlin, Germany

What's your favourite brewery in Berlin? Come let us know in the comments!

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