Brunching when abroad is a must. I mean after all; when you don't have the same day-to-day demands, you can really enjoy life. The simplicity of waking up late, without a care in world and just stumbling upon a feast of good food... there is nothing like it.

Navigating the best brunches can be a challenge, especially when you're new and/or don't speak the language. I know, that my stay in Berlin was so jam-packed (honestly there is so much to see), that finding the best brunch spot is something to be taken very seriously.

So, if you're in Berlin you have to be prepared for and embrace all things quirky, and Brunching is no exception to this rule. At Spotahome, we've done all the hard work for you and condensed a list of the best brunch spots in the German capital.

WARNING: All these brunch spots must be addressed on a need-to-eat basis.

Distrikt Coffee

In three words?: wooden, rustic and authentic.

Like coffee? This is the spot for you. (I mean...come on, the clue is in the name after all.)

Located in Berlin's trendy Kreuzberg area, you will definitely feel at home in this rustic cafe composed of wooden furnishings with a quirky twist. The cafe has recently opened a terrace area, so in the summer you can feast in the sun without a care in the world. Although the menu is simple, it is surprisingly beyond satisfying to say the least, and no doubt that there is something for everyone. All the meat and dairy is locally sourced, so you know that you're getting great German quality food.

Where?: Bergstraße 68, 10115 Berlin.

Father Carpenter Coffee Brewers

In three words?: the ultimate hipster heaven.

Staying centrally? Don't mind if I do. Father Carpenter Coffee Brewers is right in the heart of Berlin. The venue hosts a lovely courtyard with beautiful wooden tables and chairs, perfect for the summer months. With a range of brunch specialties from all over the world, you have a great selection when dining here.

Vegan or Vegetarian? No problem. There are options that branch beyond your basic jam on toast, so you really can enjoy a good old brunch session.

Where?: Münzstraße 21, 10178 Berlin


In three words?: quirky and effortlessly chic.

Where do you start? Koyote serves a large range of dishes from all over the world and is not one that can be pigeon holed easily. Serving German, French and Latin American inspired dishes, there really is a little taste of something for everyone.

Even from the outside Koyote will catch your eye with its beautiful exterior decoration and great location. Right by the Landwehr canal, you can wander down after a nice morning walk.

WARNING: Koyote is just a weekend brunch spot, so be careful about strolling up early doors during the week.

Where?: Admiralstraße 20, 10999 Berlin

Café Mugrabi

In three words?: exotic, exciting and perfect for summer.

Just to add to the list of all things edible and instagramable, Café Mugrabi. A quirky brunch café that serves some of the finest (and tastiest) Israeli and North African treats. So not only can you be adventurous with your food choice, but you can also upload a cool, quirky snap that'll increase your social media following and never let you forget your awesome meal.

Café Mugrabi also has an extensive and idyllic summer terrace, so you can brunch in the sun without a worry in the world.

Where?: Görlitzer Str. 58, 10997 Berlin

House of Small Wonder

In three words?: dream-like, cute and captivating.

If anything, no one can accuse this place of being underwhelming. House of Small Wonder stays true to its name, with the most captivating and aesthetically pleasing interior that looks like a fairytale come true. The walls are colourful and the cafe is accessible via a long winding spiral staircase, literally, a fairytale come true.

Anyway... to the most important part, the food. With a French inspired menu, most of which is delightfully cheesy and creamy, AKA to die for. Additionally, the homemade sweets are a must.

Where?: Johannisstraße 20, 10117 Berlin.

3 Schwestern

In three words?: classic, traditional and tasty.

Fancy something a bit more traditional? You are in the German capital after all? Why not pop by 3 Schwestern? With a great range of traditional dishes, you can get a true taste of Germany without breaking the bank. They even cater to vegans, so no one has to miss out on authentic German scarn.

You can sit outside and be at one with nature, or even just kick back in the super laid back inside. No fuss at all, just good vibes, food and fun.

Where?: Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin.

Allan's Breakfast Club & Wine Bar

In three words?: welcoming, authentic and friendly.

Brunch doesn't have to complicated, it just has to be tasty- something that is fully understood here. Dining at Allan's feels like you're in someone's home, with captivating souvenirs and dishes inspired by global cuisines.

If you like a good eggs benedict, this is the spot for you. Served on a tasty bed of sourdough bread and swimming in a rich hollandaise sauce, this stuff really is what dreams are made of.

Where?: Rykstrasse 13, 10405 Berlin.


In three words?: the breakfast OGs.

You can't talk about brunch in Berlin without mentioning Benedict.

The clue is in the name, the eggs benedict are to die for... literally. Not only this, but Benedict has a great and elaborate range of breakfasts that stem from continent to continent and is suitable for any and all.

Open 24 hours 7 days a week, these guys really take brunch seriously, as it should be taken. So, you can waltz out of bed without a care in the world whenever you want.

Where?: Uhlandstraße 49, 10719 Berlin.

Where are your favourite brunch spots in Berlin? Tell us in the comments!

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Photo credits: Jenn Kosar and Constance Chen on Unsplash.