Written by Claire Kilroy,Inspiring Interns

What do you love to do?

Almost everyone has a passion, and yet we’re often made to feel like the things we really care about will never be relevant to what we do for a living.But whether it’s reading books, playing video games, or just talking the ears off whoever’s nearest, the skills you’ve gained could actually be the key to your dream career.

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Here are the 6 best internships in the UK for aspiring 20-somethings! 

Internships in UK

Here are some examples of aspiring millennial hobbies that are way more useful than you think.

Youtube Fanatics: if you spendyour time obsessing over Zoella, PewDiePie, and Jenna Marbles and want to work with video content, grab this opportunity to work as a Graduate Video Operations Manager!

Internships in UK

Unapologetic Bookworms:Like books more than people? Well, if you go into publishing, you do have to deal with people – but they’re people who love books so it’s a win-win situation! To gain some experience, check out this awesomeEditorial Assistantinternship with a medical journal!

Internships in UK

Hardcore Gamers:Get criticised by your mum because you spend all your time in your room gaming? Apply for this Production Internship and you could find yourself working on marketing campaigns for your favourite games, including Assassin’s Creed and League of Legends.

Fanfic Writers: Love the buzz you get from writing, and dream of moving from AO3 to the bestseller lists? There are loads of jobs that need good writers – like this Marketing Internship with an exciting new company providing funding to UK businesses. Bet you never thought your fanfic could get you a job in finance…

Internships in UK

Frequent Flyers: There are some seriously amazing jobs that will let you use your love of travelling and different cultures! Have a look at this Marketing Assistant position with a start-up that’s launching a holiday bookings companion app.

Internships in UK

Social Media Champions: What’s your follower count on Twitter?Do you have expert knowledge of Instagram filters? Are your Snapchat stories legendary amongst your friends? Apply for this Marketing and Events Internship and you’ll get paid for being on social media apps all day!
Internships in UK

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Written by Claire Kilroy, Inspiring Interns

Claire Kilroy is a content writer for the UK’s leading graduate recruitment agency, Inspiring Interns. Check out their website in you’re on the hunt for internships or graduate jobs in London and beyond!