Having a CV that stands out can surely help you to start in the right way, and I know it’s something you’ve been procrastinating for ages (been there mate!), but hold on to your chair: with the tips below it will be a walk in the park, I promise! Scroll down to download our CV template!

Writing a resume can be overwhelming:  when you do, you need to keep in mind that most recruiters will skim your resume in less than 30 seconds, therefore it’s crucial that you immediately catch the attention of the reviewer. If you do, you will be one of the lucky one to be included in the shortlist for the first interview.

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1. Target your CV!

Are you applying for a creative, mathematical, fashion, marketing role? You need to tailor your resume to the specific job/internship opportunity. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that once you wrote a CV you will be done forever. A resume is an ever-changing document that you need to modify each time you apply for a new job. Read about the company you are applying to, learn as much as possible about the culture and the mission, write your resume based on these informations and the must-haves contained in the job advert.

2. Relevant experiences

It’s essential to create a “Relevant Experience” section on your CV. At this stage of your life, this area can be quite little and it’s fair enough, but make sure to include everything you’ve done: courses, summer jobs, internships,  volunteer experiences and any other projects that may be relevant to the particular job.

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3. Watch your language…

It comes without saying that you are not allowed to use slang or acronymous on your CV, but also make sure to be specific and detailed in describing your experiences. Avoid clichés like “result-oriented” and “problem-solver” unless you have clear examples and proof of this abilities. Can you prove them? Then share and add them to your resume. Check and double check all your personal information and details are correct and at the top of the CV, I can’t tell you how many CVs I have reviewed in my past life which didn’t have an email address or a phone number!

4. ….and check your spelling!

It cannot be stressed enough the importance of having a document that is free of spelling and grammatical errors, especially if you are aiming to find an internship abroad. Your resume is also a way to prove your knowledge of that language. So don’t fool the company, don’t ask friends or family to write it for you, but do ask them to proofread it for you instead.

Remember that one spelling mistake could cost you the internship at this stage, not because it’s extremely important, but because it shows a lack of attention to details and perhaps a lack of perfectionism on something that should represent you at best.

5. Don’t lie!

I know you might be feeling a bit clueless without experience, but trust me, honesty is the best policy. Those white lies on your resume will suddenly pop up during your experience and you don’t want to leave a bad impression during your first work experience, right?

6. Education first!

Since you have been devoting yourself full time to getting your degree for many years, you want to highlight this by putting it at the very top of your resume. After a few years in the professional world, you will then be able to move your Education section to the bottom of your resume.

7. References anyone?

The trend has changed wildly recently, but check on the internship advert: are they requiring them straight away? If so, attach them to your CV, if not, have a think and leave them for later. When adding a reference, be sure to ask the person first. Never ever include names and details of people you think might say nice words about you, without asking permission first


Here’s a template that you can adapt to your existing experiences and ambitions.

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