GUEST AUTHOR: Anna Affranio, Spotahome Student Ambassador

Waterfront Sports

In Budapest there many relaxing spots to enjoy the view on the Danube or go for a jog. One of the most famous is Margaret Island, easy to reach with a tram from the center(Margit hid stop).

Since cars are prohibited in the island, this place is a perfect escape from the bustle of the city. Moreover, Szent István park is another great playground on the shore of the Danube river, where you can have fun playing frisbee or enjoy a picnic.

Source: Pixabay

Summer Festivals

People arrive in Budapest from all over the world to enjoy the lively summer of festivals and live shows. If you’re interested in musicals and Theatre Performances, you surely can’t miss Budapest Summer Festival, which lasts for the three summer months in three different venues.

Source: Pexels

Then, you must have heard of the Sziget Festival ( from 8th yo 15th of August) : as the name suggests, this event takes place on an island which is entirely dedicated to music and good vibes. You can listen to your favorite artists throughout the week, camp on the island and take part in many interesting workshops such as yoga and circus classes. You’ll have the time of your life!

Szecheny Baths

Who said it’s too hot for thermal baths? Located close to the Heroes Square, in the heart of the city, the Szechenyi baths are a must for everyone staying in Budapest.

You can hop from pool to pool, enjoy the marvelous architecture of the place lying on the park, sunbath and even play chess with Hungarian grandfathers (the real cultural experience!).

Don’t miss the parties by the pool, known in the city as Sparties: most Saturdays starting from 10.30am untill dawn! Spoiler alert: you’ll come back with many, many new friends.


Ruin Pubs

Ruin pubs are a must in Budapest: these old-fashioned courtyards will delight every partygoer. Live music, cheap beer and bohemian atmosphere: could you imagine a better place for meeting other fellow international students?

You can find the most typical ruin bars in theVII district, but they’re spreading everywhere (residents of the areas nearby are not so happy..). Amongst others, I suggest Szimpla Kert (Kazinczy utca 14), which was the very first one and it’s now considered an institution. The place is festooned inside and out with a collection of quirky kitsch and abstract art pieces: you’ll love it!


Street Food

Hungarian street food may not look refreshing, but it is certainly delicious. No one can resist lángos, a crispy deep-fried dough topped with a messy assembly of yummy calorie-busting ingridients such as garlic spread, sour cream and shredded cheese. If it’s not enough, you can even ask for the sweet evolution of lángos with Nutella or whipped cream. You can find these treats all over the city, in kiosks by the Danube as well as in real shops in the most crowded areas. Your diet can wait!

Another street food treat that you can’t miss is Kürtöskalács, a sweet chimney cake roasted and rolled in sugar. You can cover it with cocoa, vanilla or nuts as you like and enjoy it all year round.

I hope you enjoy your Summer in Budapest as much as I did!

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