Moving to a new country is a great challenge, no matter how many places you've travelled to or how many continents you've already explored. Starting a new life somewhere new, it's no joke, especially if you are bringing your pets with you.

Hard yes. But not impossible.

If you research well and prepare in advance, you will be able to settle in the beautiful British capital and enjoy everything that it has to offer to you and your pup in no time.

Additionally, if you are moving to London alone, your dog is likely to become your secret weapon or your ace in the hole while trying to make new friends and settling. In fact "there have been many studies, showing that people will rate you as more trustworthy and more likeable if you are with a dog" says John Bradshaw, biologist and author of In Defence of Dogs.

So, don't even think about leaving your furry friend at home and keep reading below to find out the best places to live in London with a pet.

1 Hampstead

To be honest, there is no place like Hampstead in London. There is so much green, so many pet-friendly shops and restaurants in the area.
You could, for example, get used to going for a walk up Parliament Hill with your dog before heading to the famous Gaucho Hampstead’s Doggy Sunday Brunch where your little friend will enjoy a nice meal and get a goodie bag to take home. Oh, and £5 per dog is donated to an animal charity.

But Gaucho isn't the only animal-friendly stop, if you live in Hampstead, you will quickly get accustomed to spending lazy afternoons at The Red Lion & Sun's beer gardens in summer or chill next to the wood burning fire in winter. I hope you aren't shy as the owners take pictures of all their regulars (the dogs, not the humans).

2 Greenwich

Another marvellously green area in London is Greenwich. If you live here, you'll never have to worry about walking your dog in a bit of grass as spending a sunny afternoon strolling around Greenwich Park with your pup will quickly become one of your favourite activities in London.
Don't forget to rest and get a snack at the beautiful and peaceful Pavillion Tea House which is not only dog-friendly but definitely an animals' haven.

3 Battersea

Battersea area is surely at the top of the most pet-friendly areas in London also thanks to its 200-acre city park. Not only grass and green, but also plenty of games and activities for your four-legged friend (and maybe your little humans if you have any).

4 Soho

At first, you wouldn't think of it as a particularly dog-friendly area, but once you get familiar with Soho neighbourhood and check the number of places that have adopted a furry-friendly approach, I'm sure you'll change your mind.

There is Andrew Edmunds which, established in 1986, has since been an attraction for customers and their furry friends. Water bowls are provided while your dog can even order meaty dishes off the menu.
Not too far, there is The Glove in Covent Garden, another dog-friendly place where you can enjoy a nice meal before or just after the theatre.

5 Hackney

You might be thinking of all the brand new skyscrapers or old-factories-turned-into-hipsters-homes, but actually, Hackney is also home to 330 hectares of green space so your small friends will quickly feel at home there.
There is Abney Park, a woodland right in the middle of Stoke Newington as well as Clissold Park where you and your dog can go squirrel chasing and/or socialising.

In Hackney, there are also lots of pet-friendly shops and restaurants, including  House of Pets, HUH and Meat N16 where your four-legged friend will most likely be gifted a bone while you get to enjoy the meat from the bbq.
More reasons to choose Hackney? Most of the Hackney pubs welcome dogs at any time of the day or night so you'll just have to pick your favourites.


The Brits are internationally known as a nation of pet lovers but that does not mean they forgot about their attitude for rules and order. Let's put it simply: you can just move to London with your furry friend in tow.

◆ Check with your vet if the species of your animal is allowed in the UK;

◆ If you are from an EU country, you will need to ask your vet for a Pet Passport; if you are from a non-EU country, you will need to obtain a Third Country Approved Veterinary Certificate;

◆ Your pet will need to be microchipped unless it was tattooed before 3rd July 2011;

◆ You have to wait for 21 days after the vaccination before you can travel into the UK

◆ Don’t leave your home search until the last minute: you should probably start looking at least eight weeks before you need to move to London;

◆ Write a “pet CV” for landlords, including your vet’s contact details, any vaccinations and a reference from previous landlords (maybe add a cute picture!);

More information on bringing your pet into London can be found on the UK government and EU institutions websites.

◆ ◆ ◆

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