Everyone has been at that stage in life pondering if moving in with friends (or strangers) was really a brilliant idea or the steps to granted failure.
There are obviously lots of things to take into consideration and it's important to consider all the aspects before taking any decision.

We all know the benefits of living with roommates: it’s cheaper than living alone, if you have just move to a new country or city, it allows you to create a network of friends, and overall it makes the transition from college to the job world a bit easier. We also know the joys of living alone: having your own space and music, no one to else to blame for not cleaning the toilet on time or taking out the trash.

Let's put money on the side for once. If you are choosing between living alone or with someone, I'll take that you can afford to live alone. If you cannot, then stop reading and put up an ad for a flatmate.

1 How comfortable are you alone?


If you are heading to Paris or Granada for your Erasmus or maybe you just got a work placement in London or Milan, it might be the first time for you moving out and living away from your parents. Well, in order to live alone, you need to be confortable being alone in the evening sometimes, maybe you've already been on holiday on your own. How did you feel? And normally, do you go out every night or you also enjoy reading a book with a glass of wine all by yourself?

2 What's your queue level?


Are you the type of person who's able to patiently wait their turn at the post office or the supermarkets or do you get easily frustrated? Well, your new pad in Lisbon, might be super cute, but only feature one bathroom. What are you going to do about it?

4 Are you ok with cleaning other people's s**t?


Are you a single child or did you grow up in a large family? If you have siblings you might already be very used to clean after yourself and other people. You might find it harder if you come from a household with a staff of cleaners and you've never held a broom in your hand before. Think about it.

5 How do you deal with apples thieves?


A few years ago, I used to live in a flat in London where my apples always got stolen. I would buy them and they would vanish. I would buy some more and they were gone before I could ate one. At first I got annoyed but then, I simply decided to store my apples in the office rather than at home. So are you also willing to make some strategic moves and avoid conflict?

Now you've got all your answers. Think carefully about your home and make the right decision.

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