GUEST AUTHOR: Eylul Deniz Basok, Spotahome Student Ambassador

Before you start surfing you must know that this is one of the most complex, difficult yet enjoyable sport in the world. Since the wave conditions are constantly changing, it is very important to find a spot that fits your skills. Usually for beginners, beach breaks are recommended since it is so much better to fall on to sand rather than rocky reefs. However, this could change depending on the tides and swells.

In Europe, there are amazing spots for every level of surfers. In the winter months, water is getting colder and waves are getting bigger. In the summer months, waves are smaller and perfect for your first time!

Get on the boaaaard!


We all agree that surfing is so much fun but if you’re also looking for your time out of the water to be as fun as your time in the water, San Sebastian is definitely for you! You can get here from Bilbao, Madrid and Barcelona just with a bus trip!!

It is an urban beach located in the north of Spain, in the Basque country, with plenty of bars and restaurants. You’ll never get bored or hungry here! Plus, this town has a love affair with surfers since a very long time, so I guarantee that you and your surf board will be very welcomed here!

Keep in mind that every year at the end of July, San Sebastian hosts "Single Fin Classic" contest organized by Hawaii Donostria and RVCA delivers a unique and enjoyable atmosphere to the town! Try to catch this event if you want to feel the real surf atmosphere!

Zurriola Beach, San Sebastian. Source: Author


Oh Portugal, my first love!

Carcavelos beach is one of the mostw well known and loved beach breaks in Portugal. It is easily accessible by public transportation from Lisbon city center, only 30 minutes by train. The waves are smaller in the summer months and getting bigger and more constant from September to May. If you are a more advanced surfer and love to have fun in the green waves, there are both left and right breaking waves. If not, there are many surf schools located on the beach side. Trust me, just with one lesson you will fall in love with surfing and Portuguese waves!

Carcavelos Beach. Source: Unsplash


Paddle, paddle, paddle STAND UP!

This is not always so easy, especially if you’re in France. The currents are strong here so waves can be fast and hollow time to time. Nevertheless, I choose to put this spot on the list because I learned surfing here and anywhere that I went afterwards, I was never afraid to paddle out and face with the green waves while other beginners were still trying in the white water!

There are really good surf schools and a very cool camping area just a few kms away from the beach! If you’re into adventure, Lacanau is waiting for you!

Lacanau-Ocean Beach. Source: Author


Surprise! You can surf in Italy, too!

If you’re planning your holiday mainly based on surfing, then cross out this one. However, if you’re already in Italy or have already planned a holiday in Italy, put Liguria and/or Tuscany to your list! It is so easy to go by train from main cities like Milan, Turin and Rome.

There are so many spots that you can choose according to the forecast. If you need a lesson, then go for Andora, Recco or Levanto, if you’re already good enough to go by yourself, try night surfing in Varazze! Remember to double check the forecast before you go!

Recco, Liguria. Source: Author


I know this one is not in Europe but if I am writing about surfing, I can’t leave Morocco out.

Taghazout is the most chilled and friendly town you can ever go to! With thousands of amazing surf camps, you will find yourself living in a paradise. If you choose one of the surf camps, you will have your days (I recommend you to stay at least a week) filled with surfing, amazing food and people! Most of the packages of the camps offer transportation to different beaches depending on the forecast and 2 hours of surf lessons in the morning and free surf in the afternoon. A perfect opportunity to learn and practice your surfing skills.

Taghazout. Source: Author

Catch your first wave and you’ll be addicted to this sport!

Aloha and stay salty! ?

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