If you’re in Valencia, then you’ll want to sign up for this winery tour at some point at Bodegas Vegamar in Calles (Valencia). The tour is in Spanish, but if you have some wine-related vocabulary down (which I’m sure you do as you’re in Spain!), then you won’t have any trouble at all with the tour.

The Winery Tour (around 2 hours)

This is the rough planning of the tour, but it may be subject to change, so please contact the winery to find out the most updated information.

  1. When you first arrive, a short film produced by Bodegas Vegamar will be shown to you, introducing you to the entire wine-making experience. As you’ll only be there for a day, it’s difficult to grasp the entire wine-making process without this video. After the clip, you’ll be treated to the first round of wine tasting.
  1. You’ll be guided through the vineyards and olive groves that are so essential to the quality wine- and olive oil-making at Vegamar. At this point, you’ll enjoy your second wine tasting.
  1. After you’ve explored the facilities, you will receive an informative session on how to make wine, after which you’ll tour around the wine cellar. Yes, as you’ve expected, you’ll get your third fix of wine tasting here.

Rates and duration of the winery tour

Two types of tours are provided: one that lasts an hour, where you can choose to be shown the winery only or the vineyards only, but we at Spotahome recommend the two-hour tour explained above to get the full experience.

Tour in Spanish only (2 hours): €10 / person.

Transportation to the winery

The Vegamar winery is located in the little inland municipality of Calles. Pick-up van with 8 seats can be arranged with the winery from the Valencia metro stop of Líria. The round trip is €100, but please make sure the rate is up to date by contacting the winery.

If you choose to go by bus, a bus company called Hispano Chelvano has buses from Valencia to Calles. Please note that the required transport time is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.

If you wish to eat at the winery

Meals are not included in the winery tour. However, if you wish to eat at the winery’s restaurant that provides luxurious appetizers and paella, you’ll need to make a reservation at the restaurant along with the tour bookings (2 days before the tour takes place).

From Monday to Friday, for a booking of 6 people or more, on the weekend, for 10 people or more, the winery can prepare a special menu, in which you can of course also enjoy Vegamar’s finest wines.

About the winery tour reservation

You can make a reservation directly on Vegamar’s website

  • Contact info: Bodegas Vegamar
  • Address: Calle Garcesa s/n, Calles (Valencia)
  • Phone: 96 210 98 13

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