Valencia is a city with lots of tourist sites, a huge amount of culture to explore, and dozens of historical links. The weather is extraordinary, and you have the beach on hand all year round, so it is definitely a highly recommended place to live if you are moving abroad to study or work. Also, around the outskirts of Valencia, there are many interesting areas that, now summer is on the way, are the perfect places to go and escape to.

At Spotahome we have some ideas for you in terms of making plans around Valencia. You can visit all of the destinations in the same day, but if you have the opportunity to spend more time exploring, don't hesitate to plan a longer trip.

Take notes!

1. Tabarca Island

This is one of the most valued (and unknown) crown jewels of the Spanish Mediter-ranean coast. Tabarca Island, also known as Isla Plana (Flat island) or Nueva Tabarca (New Tabarca), is the only inhabited island in all of the Valencian Community, so it is easily accessible by boat from the small town of Santa Pola (and also from other towns such as Benidorm, Torrevieja and the city of Alicante).

As well as having urban areas that are worth visiting (as small as they may be) and numerous narrow streets to explore, Tabarca stands out for having such calm and secluded beaches that are perfect for going snorkeling and discovering the ocean surrounding it.

If you're curious about the island itself, Tabarca had people living there way back in the 18th century, and it was known for being a pirate refuge even earlier than that. Isn't this little paradise worth a visit?

2. Altea

As one of the most historical cities in the whole region, Altea was home to numerous Iberian and Roman settlements, however, it was the Muslims who left a big legacy in the city.

The most remarkable feature of Altea has to be its streets. They are filled with white houses, stone floors, small shrubs decorating every corner and a 19th century church with one of the most beautiful domes in the whole of the Mediterranean.

Additionally, you can't leave Altea without bathing at one of its pebbled, blue flag beaches, such as Roda beach.

Casa en medio de la calle

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3. La Vila Joiosa (Villajoyosa)

This little town is the third place we want to mention, it is located close to Benidorm and is also known as the Spanish New York. Vila Joiosa, as the people who live there like to call it, has approximately 35,000 inhabitants and has managed to perfectly preserve its essence of being a fishing village, with tourist sites that are somewhat different from those of bustling Benidorm.

Its entire historical center is made up of endless ascents and descents that flow into the sea, and little houses of all different colours. Back in the day, these homes were small fishing houses, but today they have turned into residential buildings and tourist rental apartments.

Also, really close to the center of Vila Joiosa, you can take a walk alongside the river, from which you can see numerous hanging houses, all of which are rested on old defense walls.

Obviously, if you decide to visit the area, you will have to (and this is really important) try the sweet, chocolate-based gastronomy there, as there are factories and museums there that are dedicated to this delicacy.

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4. Sagunto

Finally, really close to the capital of Valencia, you will find the town of "Sagunt" (as said in Valencian) and its port, which has more than 2000 years’ worth of history.

This city offers an endless amount of possibilities regarding sites to see, things to do and places to visit. You could, for example, go up to the castle which is high up in Serra Calderona; sit in the stands of the Roman Theatre; look around all the different neighborhoods, such as the Jewish quarter; bathe at a range of beaches, like the peaceful Almardá beach; or even, try the traditional rice of the area.

Sagunto won't leave anybody undecided. Culture and beaches only a stone’s throw away from Valencia.

So, now do you have plans for next weekend?