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Being both vegan and vegetarian in Dublin can be challenging at times, However in the last number of years it has become increasingly easier to find great places to eat which have a wide variety of both vegan and vegetarian food.


This is one of the original vegetarian restaurants in Dublin city and is located on Wicklow street. They have a wide range of both vegan and vegetarian foods, and serve huge portions at great prices. They do a great breakfast and lunch/dinner menu. Despite many extensions over the years this place is always full so its recommended that peak times are avoided.

19 / 20 Wicklow St, Dublin

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Sova Vegan Butcher

Located just off camden street this restaurant sports a 100% vegan menu and a BYOB (bring your own beverage) policy. The restaurant is quite upmarket and as a result has a somewhat more expensive menu than some of the other restaurants on this list, however is well worth the price. They open for brunch from 12-3 and dinner from 5- 3.

51 Pleasants Street, Dublin

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Another of the more original vegetarian restaurants of the city, Govindas now has two restaurants on Middle abbey street and Aungier street. They have a strong indian influence in their dishes however serve a wide range of both vegetarian and vegan food from many different cuisines. They serve huge portions at great prices and is very popular with vegetarians and vegans alike.

83 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin

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Brother Hubbard

This restaurant is great for visiting with friends who are not vegetarian or vegan. The restaurant has a menu with a great selection of dishes  for a number of different diets from omnivore to vegan. They open for breakfast and lunch 7 days a week and for dinner Tuesday to Saturday in brother hubbard north. They have two locations on both the north and south side of the City.

North: 153 Capel Street Dublin
South: 46 Harrington Street, Dublin

The Happy Pear

Though it is located just outside Dublin in the seaside town of greystones, which can be reached by DART, this restaurant is well worth the journey. This is another place famous for huge portions and great prices, and serves a menu which changes daily and includes both vegetarian and vegan food.

The restaurant also has a shop downstairs where you can buy a range of vegan and vegetarian food to take home, and you may see the very happy twins who own the place handing out free samples. Be sure to arrive early as there is almost always a queue.

Church Road, Greystones

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McGuinness Traditional Take Away

This traditional Irish chipper located on Camden street is great after a night out or for your late night cravings. It closes at 2.15am and serves a vegan menu of traditional irish take away foods as well as a menu for those who eat meat.

This place once again has good portion sizes and prices and is always overflowing late on a saturday night.

84 lower Camden Street, Dublin

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Cafes for on the go lunch

Chopped (salads) - found across the country
Insomnia cafe (with soy/vegetarian options) - found across the country
Sprout & co. - can be found in Dublin
Vegan donuts can be found at the rolling donut in Dublin.

While there are many other vegan and vegetarian restaurants, as well as many other restaurants which have begun to add vegan sections to their menus this are some of the best for price taste and portion size.

Bon apetit!!

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