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Now that you already found you new home in Paris with Spotahome, that you already tried all the best croissants in the city, walked the entire neighborhood streets of Montmartre and knows by heart all the paintings at the Louvre, its time for you to get to know the lovely French cities in the surroundings of Paris! There are so many awesome options for you to choose from.

Within an hour from Paris you can visit, for example, the Loire Valley, Giverny, Fontainbleau, Versailles, and of course, the Champagne region. For now, pic a Sunday on your calendar and let's start exploring one of the most adorable cities in the Champagne region: Reims.

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Also known as la Cité des Rois, "the City of Kings" it is famous for being the place where kings were crowned, many Carolingian and Capétian kings were crowned there at the Notre-Dame of Reims cathedral. But besides this historical side, the city is also known as an important cultural site, for many monuments of the French heritage are located there, like the Carnegie Library and the Fine Arts Museum.

As you can see, this city has a very rich history and its filled with beautiful places to explore. So, for you to be able to organise your visit and get to know this city in a day, find here a list of the three places in Reims you simply cannot miss:

Notre-Dame of Reims Cathedral.

For your fist stop, I suggest spending your morning getting acquaintance with one of the most important cathedrals in France, the Notre-Dame of Reims Cathedral and its surroundings. It was built in the XIII century to replace an old church that burned in a fire, and the place where it used to stand is believed to be where King Clovis I was baptized. Walking the streets that surround it and entering this astonishing cathedral filled with beautiful stained glasses is definitely a must do in Reims.

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Champagne Pommery

After a pleasant morning discovering the monarchic period of France, your next stop is at one of the famous Champagne Caves in Reims for a champagne tour.

You'll have many great caves to choose from, but between the three most famous ones, Pommery, Taittinger and Veuve Clicquot, my favorite one is the first, La Champagne Pommery. here not only you'll be learning about the process of how the original champagne is made and tasting it, but you'll be doing it in a little blue castle - yes, the Pommery champagne house looks like a tiny blue castle, and its adorable. Also, this is a company that has been lead to success by a business woman, the illustrious Madame Pommery, and you can also learn all about her in this tour!

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Boulangerie Les Halles

And last but not least, after you have done your champagne tastings, its time for you to try Reims specialty when it comes to patisseries : The Pralinés. This chocolate caramelized classic from Reims just can't be left out of your day trip experience.

You will find many boulangeries and patisseries in the city that sell it, but my tip is Les Halles Boulangerie.

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Located right next to La Porte de Mars of Reims, another interesting touristic spot, there you will find many options to finish your trip in the best way possible, with a bite of something very sweet.
32 Rue de Mars, 51100 Reims

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