Spanish Play Sports News

A Brit’s guide to sport in Spain

  • Football, football, football.
  • But also golf!

Crazy News

Airline passenger runs across tarmac at Madrid airport to catch flight

  • We have no words for this.
  • No, but seriously. This is probably worse than trying to grab your belongings during plane evacuation.

Dream Job News

23 Companies That Will Help You Travel The World For Free (And Maybe Even Pay You To Do It)

  • Read this when you’re having a bad, uninspiring day.

What’s Going On in Spain in August?

  • Madrid

Verbena de la Paloma (Madrid’s biggest street party!)

Where? La Latina neighborhood, Madrid

**When? **11th August – 15th August

  • Barcelona

Festa Major de Gràcia (Barcelona’s biggest street party – Spain loves to party in August)

Where? La Gracia neighborhood, Barcelona

**When? **15th August – 21st August

  • Valencia

La Tomatina (Tomato-throwing festival!)

Where? Buñol, Valencia

When? August 31st

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