The aim of this article is not to offend the male population (at least not too much) and we understand that there are plenty of AWESOME solo male travelers out there.

Ah, solo female travels. ❤ Every solo female traveler knows that a solo trip abroad can be an incredibly rewarding experience that can change you as a person.

Research by a US-based travel-insurance provider, Travel Guard, found women are leading the way of solo travel around the world. There is a reason the world has more and more female-only hostels and other travel accommodations. Please guys, don’t take it personally, but you’re not invited this time.

But why do women choose testosterone-free trips?

It can be a recent break-up, a massive urge to hit the spas and the shops, that yoga training or a simple need of a solo female adventure.
Regardless of the reasons behind it, women are better at it, and you – yes, dude, I’m talking to you – will agree with me once you’ve read this post.

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We know how to be budget-friendly

It’s common knowledge that women are savvier travellers, but our genius starts even before leaving home as we save heaps of money when booking flights and accommodations. Men are more spontaneous and often book trips without thinking, but this actually is costing them a few hundred bucks every time.

We always pay more attention

Our brain is also much more prepared for inconveniences and travel glitches, therefore we are naturally more inclined to pay attention to the little details. It is very common for guys to forget their toothbrush or more importantly, their passport.

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We know how to travel light

Now, I know that the stereotype says that women like to travel with their home-away-from-home in their backpacks, but from my recent on-the-road studies on my female and male travel mates, I realised that it’s quite the opposite. One specific example: I currently have 4 pairs of shoes with me; my male buddy has 9 (including football shoes and TWO pairs of flip flops!)

We are more organised

Women are excellent at being organised – at home AND on the road. Often, men tend to struggle when they are faced with two things at the time, especially when they are outside of their comfort zone. They rely on others for many things: from grocery shopping to itinerary planning and more. Trust me. I speak from personal experience.

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Making friends is easier as a solo female traveler

Solo female travellers aren’t as intimidating as a guy approaching a group of friends. We are welcomed to social gatherings and houses more often than guys, even if it’s just for a cup of tea or dinner.

Women get on with women in a way man will never get or manage to do.

Even if the two women are from different cultures and don’t speak the same language, there is often an invisible bond between us girls that, in most cases, comes naturally. Yay for solo female travelers!

We are more independent

Now, the fact is that there are more women travelling alone than men. I suspect that men are actually more scared to travel alone than women, or simply they get bored to be alone. Women are happier to go on an adventure alone – yay for female-independence!

We are more approachable

To finish off: if we dine alone in a restaurant, we are sexy strangers (which can often also bring negativity into our experience as a solo female traveler, unfortunately), if you do, you’ll look like.. well.. not the same. Well, ok, I don’t have a statistic figure to prove this, but it’s what came up when chatting about this topic with my girlfriends here in Australia. Sorry boys!

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