Feng Shui has been talked about a lot and for many years, especially if we consider that it is an ancient Chinese philosophy. Marie Kondo, who is Japanese and not Chinese, has made Feng Shui a trend, and it is no wonder. As with everything that is suddenly part of pop culture, we don't want to be left behind. Therefore, today at Spotahome we jump on the bandwagon of order and harmony to give you some tricks your life stability will thank us for. Keep reading.

  1. Clean, clean and clean even more (and don't forget to air out)

You open the window on a beautiful spring day and a cool breeze recharges your batteries for the whole day. You have just finished cleaning the bathroom and on the tiles you can even see the color of your eyes. It's nice, isn't it? So use wind and water, for Feng Shui literally means that: wind and water. Let the air flow through your house and have no pity on stains. The inner soul of your home will thank you.

2. Light and a little more light

If, to a large extent, Feng Shui it's about attracting positive energies and expelling negative ones, how can we not talk about light? Make sure to let as much light as you can go through those windows as you did with the aire before; let's take advantage of all that light! It is important that when entering your house anyone is welcomed with good light, so make sure that your hall is not some shady space taken from a cheap scary movie. For example, look at this apartment in Madrid. It's just coming inside and feeling the light and the wind.

Sala de estar

3. Feeling green: plants everywhere

Wind, water and, of course, plants. It's not that your house suddenly needs to look like a jungle, but a little plant here and a few flowers there and your house spruces up suddenly. And not only your home: you will too. Plants purify the air and, during the day, they fill the rooms of your home with oxygen. In addition, as you have to pamper them and take care of them as if they were a pet, watching them grow and spring is good for the soul. You can even name them. For Feng Shui, plants are great energy sources and great revitalisers. Or doesn't this room here look much better with a plant?

Cuarto de sala con muebles de madera

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4. Be careful with colors and smells

Let's paint the house red! Or was it "let's paint the town red"? Probably, but the important thing is that you feel at ease with the colors of your home. However, regardless of this, soft colors –white, gray, blue, pastel colors– are a sure hit for anyone who wants to get to a place and say: peace, come to me.

A garish lounge is possibly the opposite of calm. Although everything sounds very zen, if you also add soft and pleasant smells --that for Feng Shui are very important--, you'll be one step closer in your path to harmony. Look at how well they do it with this living room (the colors; we can't get the smells virtually for now).

Sala de estar

5. Harmonize and orient

In Feng Shui,the orientation of the bed is important. It is often said that this should face south so that the positive energies are focused in your bedroom and don't escape while you sleep. Of course, it is a more practical and earthly version than the dreamcatcher of the headboard of the bed. In addition, remember there shouldn't be a mirror in front of it, as it is considered to attract bad vibes. As you can see, Feng Shui is not particularly expensive and, although we can't promise you immediate results, every change has its silver lining. Or wasn't that the saying? Well, what we can promise you is that you're gonna love this studio in Berlin. And this one really smells like Feng Shui.