Alright, we’ll admit it – we’re not exactly professionals when it comes to food places in London. And that’s why we’ve taken some advice from those who actually are – that’s right! We caught up with 5 food bloggers and they were kind enough to give us THEIR recommendation on their favorite restaurant, food market or even just a pop up shop in London. And here they are. The absolutely best food places in London you have to try. Don’t read if hungry.

For those obsessed with mindblowing brunches:

1.Beagle in Hoxton

Recommendation by Rachel Phipps. Beagle in Hoxton is a popular brunch spot and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be when they know how to serve eggs the way they do. Trust us – if you’re a foodie and your Instagram’s lacking that viral egg picture, this is where you should go. Bring your camera and most importantly, your appetite. Don’t forget to order some cocktails while you’re at it!

Next up on our list is Beagle in Hoxton. Welcome to the #LCW14 line up!

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  • Drink you should order: the ‘Snapper’
  • Best dish on the menu: eggs on toast and pancakes (Rachel’s note: “Served with syrup, apple puree and creme fraiche they were hot, sweet, light and they melted on your tongue.”)
  • Closest tube station: Hoxton
  • Address: 397-400 Geffrye St, London E2 8HZ

A place to take your mom out for lunch in London:

2. The Frog Restaurant

The Frog restaurant is unique in its own category – every dish is visually beautifully presented and it tastes just as good. The FoodaHolic raves about the Frog restaurant’s Mac’n’Cheese and claims it’s the best mac ‘n’ cheese in foodie history – “Individual pieces of macaroni were arranged on the plate in a circle, which was then covered in a rich but light, almost mousse like sauce of three different cheeses – Gruyere, Cheddar and Parmesan.”

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  • Drink you should order: Cherry Got Trumped cocktail
    Best dish on the menu: Mac’n’cheese. You can also buy the chefs a beer for £5
  • Closest tube station: Shoreditch High Street
  • Address: 2, Ely’s Yard, Old Truman Brewery, Hanbury St, London E1 6QR

When you want to charm your date

3. Brasserie Zédel

“A French Belle Epoque style restaurant, it’s equal parts glamorous and delicious and it also offers incredible value!” – GastroGays

It’s not going to completely leave you broke either! Whether you’re looking to just get a few cocktails or a full on menu, this is a place where you should go if you’re looking to impress your date. Just trust us on this one.

Déjeuner steak haché pour @regentstreetw1

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  • Drink you should order: Hurricane cocktail
  • Best dish on the menu: Soufflé Glacé au Café, Crème Anglaise
  • Closest tube station: Piccadilly Circus
    Address: 20 Sherwood St, Soho, London W1F 7ED, UK

For a dinner with your new flatmates (even the vegan ones)

4. Gunpowder

Gunpowder is an authentic Indian restaurant that hasn’t even been open for a whole year, and it’s already receiving showers of praises from just about anyone. It’s small and works on the “no reservation” principle – they’ll text you when they have tables ready. Gunpowder is Curious London’s recommendation – “It’s a bit of a faff, but I swear it’s worth the wait: expect to chow down on spicy venison doughnuts, crisp battered okra fries and the best lamb that’ll ever grace your gob. Don’t miss the marinated broccoli, which is soaked in a secret blend of spices and cooked slowly over charcoal.”

  • Best dish on the menu: Paturi Maach -mustard fish steamed in banana leaf
  • Closest tube station: Aldgate East
  • Address: 11 White’s Row, London E1 7NF, UK

If Gunpowder gets too full and you’re way too hungry:

5. Sagar

FussyVeggie suggestion is also our favorite – Sagar. If you have any vegan or vegetarian friends, you should introduce them to this place. When it comes to best Italian food places in London, no one does it as well as Sagar. “I could almost hear the waves lapping against the sandy shore and my favourite aunt cooking us a family meal while ticking off the naughty kids… And the sambar… oh the sambar… so fantastic that we requested an extra portion, which was kindly provided free of charge….”

  • Best dish on the menu: Paturi Maach -mustard fish steamed in banana leaf
  • Address: 31 Catherine Street, London, WC2B 5JS (Covent Garden) – Sagar also has a branch in Hammersmith, West End and Harrow.

What are your favorite food places in London?