More than often, people don’t think of Brussels as a charming city – it’s often outranked by its competitor fairy tale-like city Bruges. But truth be told, the more time you spend in Brussels, the more you’re exposed to its beauty. So next time you find yourself in Belgium, check out these charming places in Brussels!

5 Charming Places in Brussels to Visit

1. Grand-Place

If people watching is your thing, you could spend an entire day in Grand Place, Brussels’ central square and the city’s main tourist attraction – for a good reason. The place is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As soon as you step in, it feels like you’ve entered a different era – you’ll be surrounded by Brussels’ historical and beautifully designed buildings. And to top it all off, there is a flower market in the middle! So grab yourself a waffle from the nearest waffle house and sit down for an hour or two on one of the Grand Place steps.

2. St. Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral

There is just something magical about this Roman Catholic church which got its cathedral status in 1962. If you’re a fan of gothic architecture, this place will charm you like no other. Don’t forget to visit the underground (mind you, I got scared really well when I went down there by myself and the auto lights came on without any warning). Fun fact: the cathedral’s organ has 4300 pipes, 63 stops, four manuals and one pedal!

3. Brussels’ Town Hall

There is something special about Brussels’ Town Hall and it’s definitely worth a visit. As soon as you enter, you’ll notice the old cobblestone which will transport you to 15th century – think of the amounts of historical people that have walked the exact same cobblestone path! The Town Hall is a Gothic building, built in 15th century and it’s possibly one of the most luxurious town halls you will ever see in Belgium.

4. Place du Grand Sablon

An excellent alternative to Grand Place. Place du Grand Sablon is a cobblestone street square, located just behind the Notre Dame. It’s surrounded by antique shops and restaurants and provides endless of hours of entertainment. Stop by during Christmas when the Grand Sablon becomes one of the most charming places in Brussels!

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5. Parc de Bruxelles

Of course, you can’t talk about charming places in Brussels without mentioning Parc de Bruxelles. It’s the largest park in the city, but it’s absolutely full of random pathways and fountains, and it’s surrounded by The Royal Palace of Brussels, the Belgian Parliament, Théâtre Royal du Parc and the US Embassy. Take advantage of sunny days and spend some time just chilling on the grass!

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What are your favorite charming places in Brussels?

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