You may have to jump over a few hurdles when moving to a new city, such as finding a room, opening a bank account, figuring out the public transport system, and so on. If you’re moving to Italy, the Spotahome team would like to help you out!

In addition to helping you find great housing in Rome and Milan, today we’re going to provide key info on Italy’s top 4 telephone providers: Tim, Vodafone, Tre and Wind. We’ll also let you know of some key words you should understand if you’re getting a cell phone in Italy.

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Now, getting a phone in Italy…

It’s important to note that these companies don’t have an English web version, so here are some keywords you should pay attention to when looking for a phone in Italy:

1. Types of contract. There are two types of contracts in Italy: Ricaricabili or prepaid, which is a very good option if you aren’t planning on staying for long; or Abbonamenti / Abbonamento, which offers you a better deal but may require you to sign up for a minimum period of time.

2. Rates. In general, you need to skim through the company’s web to find all prices included in your rate. Here are a few things you should look out for when choosing the company:

  • First of all, the tariffe or rate will change depending on what it includes. Most companies offer a special plan for students or young professionals—normally, under the age of 30.
  • Second, you will have to look for any “hidden costs” such as VAT or sales tax). In Italy, Tassa di concessione governativa is a 5.16€ special communications tax, while costo di attivazione is an activation cost.

3. Range. We suppose this is no longer an issue, since technology has improved so much over the past few years. However, if you’re not sure, most companies offer a map so you can see what areas are covered, i.e. copertura*.*

Main features of Italy’s 4 main telephone providers:

1) Tim

2) Vodafone

3) Tre

4) Wind

Given that each company has different features, we hope this article helps you figure out which one is best for you, depending on your specific situation and preferences.

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