Who wouldn’t want to live in Italy? The country is full of gorgeous architecture, history, food, culture, fashion and much, much more. Like anywhere, however, if you don’t know any locals or speak the language, getting settled can be quite difficult, especially when it comes to finding a home, getting a visa and of course, landing a job. That’s why at Spotahome, we’ve compiled this list of the best Italian blogs and websites to help you get settled as quickly as possible and make the most of your stay in this beautiful country!

Best Italian blogs and websites on:

1) How to get a visa in Italy

Here’s a tricky one. Italy is part of the Schengen Area, which means if you are an EU citizen or from a country that’s part of the Schengen Agreement (such as Switzerland and Norway), it will be much easier for you to move to Italy than for someone coming from outside of the EU. If you are not an EU passport holder, these two webs can provide you with all the information you need as to whether or not you need a Schengen visa to enter Italy, and if so, how to get one.

While these two webs are quite informative for general travel purposes, we find **Il Portale immigrazione**much more useful for anybody who wants to move to Italy permanently. On this site, all kinds of information, including how to apply for a family reunion card, permanent residence, where and how to apply for a work permit in Italy, etc. is explained in detail.

2) Where to find a job in Italy

If you are planning on moving to Italy without having secured a job in your home country, here are some of the main online platforms for finding work in Italy:

3) Where to have fun in Italy

When it comes to the best English-language Italian blog for finding out about the best restaurants and bars, our first pick, hands down, is [Parla Food]. This blog is written by Katie, a native of Jersey living her life in Rome**, who writes all about the city she loves and calls home, and also gives private tours. Our next choice for the best blog in Rome is Romaing, another must read for any newcomer. In this Rome-based blog, you’ll not only get to know the authentic Roman culture and lifestyle from a local’s perspective, but you can also find a page on all the events that are going on in the city.

Next up is Swide. This Italy-based blog has a very nice layout and great content. Here you can find info mostly on Milan but also related to more general topics. For example, check out Swide’s post on the Best Street Food in Expo Milano 2015 which describes the best food trucks in the city’s much-celebrated annual festival (also take a look at [Spotahome’s 5 Tips for Milan Expo 2015]). Last but not least, we also recommend Where Milan – though not as fresh as the other ones, it also has handy information about the city.

If you’re looking for more of the best Italian blogs and websites, definitely check out Italy Logue and its list of the Best Italy Expat Blogs!

4) How to find a home

Looking for a cosy home in your new city? We at Spotahome can help you locate your perfect home in both Rome apartments and Milan accomodation. You can have a look at all the rooms, studios and flats available on our interactive map at Spotahome, and book your home in Italy online before you even arrive in the city. Our ‘runners’ in Milan and Rome have handpicked and seen each property in person, so rest assured that there will be no surprises once you unpack your bags. Get in touch with us if you have any questions; we’d be happy to hear from you!

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Know of any other great Italian blogs and websites? If so, let us know and we’ll add them to the list!!