So, you’ve moved to Rome and are now looking for ways to speak like a true Italian? Are you searching for some catchphrases or idioms that will impress your new friends? Here are Spotahome’s favorite phrases in Italian…

  • Hai voluto** la bicicletta****? E adesso** pedala**!**

Literal translation: You wanted the bike? Now you’ve got to ride it!

Meaning: You’ve made your bed, now lie in it.

Cycling is harder, we prefer the Italian version.

Non mi rompere i** maroni!**

Literal translation: Don’t break my chestnuts!

Meaning: Don’t bother me.

Is it nut-breaking season again?

Ogni morte** di papa.**

Literal translation: Every death of a Pope

Meaning: Once in a blue moon.

We hope Popes don’t really die that often.

Uno stomaco da struzzo**.**

Literal translation: The stomach of an ostrich.

Meaning: Someone who can eat a lot of food.

Fun fact: Ostriches have three stomaches! (truth)

**Vai****a farti **benedire!

Literal translation: Go get blessed!

Meaning: A polite way of saying a rude word (we can’t say which).

Tell them to go and get blessed, but don’t tell them where.

Brutto come la fame.

Literal translation: Ugly as hunger.

Meaning: An Italian version of the English phrase, “ugly as sin”.

*Of course… *

**Che **palle!

**Literal translation: **What balls!

**Meaning: **An English version of “What a pain!”

End of the article? Che palle!

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