GUEST AUTHOR: Eylul Deniz Basok, Spotahome Student Ambassador

I have always thought that the most important decision in life would be choosing a path after graduating from high school. The truth is it really was huge deciding what I wanted as a career and to move to a different country to live! Now that I look back, it was nothing compared to decisions after my university graduation...


I literally questioned everything about my life after graduating. What do I want, why am I here, do I want to stay in Italy or go back to Turkey? And so on...
Here are 4 options you could consider after you get your university diploma:

Work Away

There is a website called workaway which offers you a volunteering job in a country you wish to live in for a couple of months. The list is huge, you can go to New Zealand to help in the construction of a house, Italy to work in a vineyard, or to Brazil to teach Englishl! Usually you are expected to work for 5 hours a day for 5 days a week and in return you get to stay there for free and travel in your free times! Depending on the host, they even provide meal.

This is a really good opportunity to travel, become a part of a family and gain some experience in whatever field you want!


Earn from your hobby

If you have a hobby and want it to be part of your lifestyle, then go for it! Become an instructor and earn money while doing what you love. Nowadays, there are so many companies which offer 2 or 3 months courses of surfing, skiing/snowboarding that guarantee you to pass the exam and get an international certificate to become an instructor. Some of them even guarantee you the job afterwards!! In general, this is a bit of an expensive option but trust me you can earn what you spend in a couple of months of working.



If you need to gain some experience before starting "a real job" or if you are still not sure in which field you want to specialize, the best option to make your mind clearer is to do a long term internship This way, you will be able to know what working life will look like before making a big commitment to a company or to a specific field. In addition, it will be a huge plus in your CV and make it easier for you to find a job.


Next level of education

They say that when you start working or when you have a break from school; it is so much harder to go back to studying. If you are planning or if you are required to obrtain the next level of your education, I and most people would recommend you do it when you are still fresh with classes and exams. this is a great time!

This may seem like the easiest option but there are still tons of decisions waiting to be taken; what subject you want to get specialized in, which university you want to g to, and so on...


Take advantage of this time to do things you might not do later in life!

Wherever you decide to go, Let Spotahome help you find your accommodation!