Portugal has a lot of amazing food but, unfortunately not all of it is suitable for those who follow a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle. So we have put together a list of a few vegan/vegetarian spots and places that are very accommodating to those foodies to survive your time in Lisbon.

Being in Lisbon doesn’t mean you will have to meticulously plan your meals to meet your requirements. You can go on a vegan food tour of the city and explore all of the best restaurants and go on a spectacular vegan food tour in the city. You absolutely can not miss these spots while you are here! What are the best restaurants for veggies? Here are a few to get you introduced to the plethora of options Lisbon has.

Manifest. Lisbon

The self described art bistro and comfort food spot is the place to go as soon a s you arrive. The cosy and fun décor paired with the varying assortment of options is a vegetarian/vegans dream.

Even if there is a food item the menu makes that has an element you want to swap out, the spot is always happy to provide an alternative to suit your needs. Manifest. Lisbon is a rustic-chic spot with a well crafted menu. This cute local spot filled with art not only sets the mood with the calm atmosphere but, with all the amazing food they serve there.

Source: Via Manifest Lisbon Instagram

Vegan Junkies

“Who said it was all about salad?” And we completely agree. If you are craving a good vegan burger, mac and cheese, shawarma etc. done properly this is the spot! Did we mention everything at this spot offers a completely vegan/vegetarian?! Every Vegan junkie in Lisbon needs to try this place out.

Source: Via Vegan Junkies Instagram

Legumi Sushi

Sushi, who doesn’t love it. Originating from Japan and traditionally done with varying types of fish, this place offers a fully vegan sushi menu! Legumi Sushi offers a range of amazing dishes with a traditional and creative twist to their dishes that will excite and comfort the senses.

Source: Via Legumi Sushi Instagram

AO 26

Traditionally Portuguese food is very meat and fish heavy. This spot allows everyone despite their dietary needs to experience what Portuguese cuisine has to offer with a dash of artistry. With traditional dishes such as the Francesinha which you absolutely can not miss while you are here.

Every dish the establishment serves is filled with creativity and is served in a beautiful arrangement. If you want an elevated food experience AO 26 will offer a large selection of items of which none will disappoint.

Source: Via AO 26 Instagram

The Green Affair

Everything made in this restaurant is vegan/vegetarian, I know absolute heaven! You can browse the whole menu without a second thought. The Green Affair has locations scattered around Lisbon so there is no reason to miss this spot on a foodie tour in Lisbon. This place offers fast and fresh food and dessert options that will leave this place as the go to spot the whole time you are in the city.

Source: Via The Green Affair Instagram

My Mother's Daughters

This quaint spot in Lisbon only prepares vegan and vegetarian items. My Mothers Daughters is a self proclaimed "nature based café" offers seasonal and organic meals that are always shifting on the basis of the products they have available to them. If you want comforting and cosy vibes this is the place for you. If you want to eat at this place plan ahead! It is only open for a few hours a day with limited seating. Plan ahead and you will experience unique but comforting vegan food in Lisbon!

Source: Via Mother's Daughters Instagram

Honest Greens

Feeling a healthy but hearty meal, this is the spot. “EAT REAL”, this is the terminology that the restaurant follows and you will experience that as soon as you walk in. “Our products are ethically sourced, organic whenever possible, unprocessed and free of artificial preservatives, additives or refined sugars”. Honest Greens offers healthy and delicious food that is made quickly and affordably for every consumer. If you want to take a break from eating all the surgery goodness the city has to offer this is the spot to eat well without guilt to your body or the earth.

Source: Via Honest Greens Instagram

Scoop n Dough

This quaint vegan dessert shop is filled to the brim with options. Offering artisanal vegan doughnuts and ice creams. Who said vegans can only eat grass?! Scoop n Dough make beautiful doughnuts and ice cream that is not only beautiful to look at but sensational to eat, don't believe us? In 2021 the establishment gained recognition as the top five in the Gastro Tourism Award and top five for vegan spot in the world by Trip Advisor!

Source: Via Scoop n Dough Instagram

So is Portugal vegan friendly? Well in Portugal it can be difficult if you have specific dietary needs but, being in the city of Lisbon that has 300 sunny days is the best spot to be. With the diversity of people, natives and expats alike, the variety and new options for places to eat increase regularly.  

These are only some of the spots in Lisbon, there are so many more options to discover while you are here. So with that being said, are you thinking of living in Lisbon? We have got you covered with a safe and secure way to find your home away from home in the sunny city of Lisbon check out this apartment.