With the increase of remote workers globally this has opened a window of opportunity for people who do not want to be constricted by their work environment and travel to wherever their heart desires. Europe has become a hub for these adventurous expats.

The rise and fall of the pandemic has allowed remote jobs to become more available to those who are interested in such positions. In addition, there is an increase in students who are eager to venture out of their home countries and venture new terrain. Many people no longer want to live without a fixed location. So with that being said, here are the top city destinations for digital nomads in Europe you may want to consider moving to for a change of surroundings.

What Are The Cheapest Locations In Europe For Digital Nomads?


Lisbon has become the place to be in recent years, a hidden gem in the Iberian peninsula of southwest Europe. This place has everything you could want. With a large expat community, endless summer days, and affordable accommodation within bustling city life with the ocean just  a short train ride away it has everything and more.

There is a big variety of inspirational and creative co-working hubs in Lisbon that can allow you to get out of your comfort zone and be surrounded by new scenes and people, inspiring new ideas and concepts during your daily work and personal life.

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Porto, Portugal's second biggest city known for its beautiful bridges and most importantly, its wine production. Much like Lisbon, the cost to living ratio with outside income makes this city attractive.

Portugal in particular has become a spot for digital nomads and entrepreneurs because of its tax benefits and relatively easy visa process. The country has put systems into place to lure digital nomads with its D7 visa scheme. This allows expats with passive income to stay in the country and live freely. In addition there is a tax break called the Non Habitual Residence Tax (NHR) that allows a flat tax of 20% on income and in some cases exemptions. This tax also permits zero tax on crypto currency!

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What Cities In Europe Have a Culturally Rich History?


Located in the southeastern coast of Spain. With a perfect blend of good weather, beaches, a large variety of bars and restaurants. This city is a very safe environment with visually stunning architecture that mixes traditional and modern architecture well within the city. Being located in Spain this city has a rich culture that you can immerse yourself in and relative to western currency the city is very affordable to expats.

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The second largest city in Italy is home of fashion, design, historic and modern architecture. To be in Milan is to immerse yourself in centuries of rich history that Italians are proud of and will gladly show you during your time there. If you want big city life that has large amounts of green space Milan will be the place for you! With great connectivity all over the country, and Europe. You can easily venture on weekend trips by plane or train.

Additionally Italy offers digital nomads and self-employed workers who become tax residents a 70% tax exemption on all income generated in Italy!

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The classic, the city of love. Who doesn’t love Paris? Now may be the opportunity you have always wanted with flexible working opportunities to give the city your heart. With many accommodation options for all budgets, Paris is a city for those who like to be out in the world engulfed by architecture, scenery, open spaces old and new and everything in between.

Living in Paris will allow you to get lost in the city. Every day you can turn a corner and discover something new within the city. Experience something new with the copious amounts of entertainment, events and establishments within the city. Most importantly those beautiful picturesque homes you’ve always seen in films, well they are real. Take a look.

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Cities That Are Becoming Hotspots For Remote Workers


A city that you can walk around easily. If you want a more relaxed city life within walking distance from the sea, Dublin is the place for you. A rising hub that has fast WIFI, an amazing variety of co-working options, a plethora of refreshing scenery and connections to Europe with no visa need!

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The largest most visited city in Greece but also, the perfect place to make your home for a while. The Mediterranean climate and absolutely amazing cuisine will leave everyday feeling unforgettable. Living in Athens in a beautiful space like this amazing apartment located in the history filled streets at every corner. The clash of modern life, fast internet, active nightlife and a variety of co-working spaces mixed with ancient architecture is enticing.

We haven’t sold you in Athens yet? The Greek government offers digital nomads who can show proof of €3,500 per month to apply for the digital nomad visa valid for one year and, if you want, can be extended for another year!

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How Can I Find A Place To Call Home As A Digital Nomad?

If you need a place to stay as a remote worker we have 1,000’s of options for you to choose from in not just these locations but many more check out this beautiful apartment in the leading digital nomad hub of Lisbon!