As we’re having our Italian week here at Spotahome, we’ve decided to roundup 6 of our favorite ‘living in Italy’ blogs that will make you want to move to this glorious country. And once you’re done reading them, hop on to our apartments in Rome or Milan apartments site and book your mid-long term accommodation today!

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Here’s 6 living in Italy blogs you should follow!

Living in Rome blogs

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1. Surviving in Italy

Elizabeth says it like it is, with a little spice of humor and sarcasm at the top. We adore how she keeps it real at all times. Warning: Surviving in Italy isn't for the faint hearted, but definitely for those with a bit of sense of humor. In the words of her blog: “American Expat In Italy. A Hysterical Struggle With Language, Love, And Culture” - Probably Someone

Inspired by Surviving In Italy: 6 Things That Will Annoy You About Your Future Italian Husband

2. Girl in Florence

Living in Florence looks like an absolute dream and we love to vicariously live through Georgette’s blog posts.

Warning: Girl in Florence will give you serious life envy. In a good way.

Favorite blog post: Eat, Drink, & Be Merry: Tips From a Local

3. Heart Rome

Not only is Heart Rome super cute, it’s also very informative. You’ll learn everything there is about Rome and it’ll make you buy that plane ticket or even stay in the city permanently.

Favorite blog post: 4 years in Rome. Has living here changed me?

4. Katie Parla

If you’re looking for a serious case of Rome wanderlust you came to the right place. Along with giving you incredibly useful insight, Katie Parla will also make you incredibly hungry – you’ve been warned.

Favorite blog post: My Guide to Eating & Drinking in Rome 2016 Edition

5. An American in Rome

We love Natalie’s regular updates, whether they're on her blog (An American in Rome), Instagram or any other social media platform. This California-born Italy-based travel writer will really wake up your wanderlust for Italy.

Favorite blog post: 12 Ways to Stay Safe in Rome

6. Bleeding Espresso

Michelle Fabio founded Bleeding Espresso in 2006, 3 years after moving to her ancestors' medieval village in 2003 (talk about going back to your roots)! It’s not only us who love to read Bleeding Espresso – it won first place in the Best Living in Italy Blog 2016 competition!

Favorite blog post: Lost in Translation: Adventures in Sola-tude

See you in Italy! #spotyourlife

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