Ah, Trastevere. One of the few authentic (and very colorful) Roman neighborhoods that have kept their charm and atmosphere. This wonderful neighborhood is known for its magical local atmosphere when the sun goes down. Drinking, eating, dancing and hanging out with the Italians – what more could you ask for?

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Do you know the history of these 4 most important places in Trastevere?

The History of 4 Most Important Places in Trastevere

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1. Piazza Di Santa Maria Maggiore

The History of 4 Most Important Places in Trastevere

Why should you care about Piazza Di Santa Maria Maggiore?

When Googling Trastevere you will without a doubt find Piazza Di Santa Maria in almost every picture. This iconic plaza dates back to 1472 – yep, Piazza Di Santa Maria is over 500 years old! But get this – its fountain was already seen in 8th century, appearing magically after the birth of the Christ. Yep, you heard that right. Magically.

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2. Ponte Sisto

The History of 4 Most Important Places in Trastevere

Why should you care about Ponte Sisto?

Apart from being an awesome object for sparkling your Instagram feed (it’s a bridge), Ponte Sisto is also one of the few bridges connecting Trastevere to the city centre. Suitable for pedestrians only, this old thing was named after Pope Sixtus IV who also established the Vatican Archives.

3. Orto Botanico

![The History of 4 Most Important Places in Trastevere](https://db82kmzzne7f2.cloudfront.net/ghost-blog/2016/09/orto-botanico-long.jpg)Photo source: http://www.reidsitaly.com/
**Why should you care about Orto Botanico?**

Home to plants since 13th century! Once belonging to Palazzo Corsini, the gardens are now a part of University of Rome. This 30-acre park is family-friendly, a little steep when it comes to price (although it also features a super cute waterfall so we forgive it), and it hosts over 3,000 species of flowers. Here’s a challenge: name 3,000 species of flowers.

4. Santa Cecilia in Trastevere

The History of 4 Most Important Places in Trastevere

Why should you care about Santa Cecilia?

Because she was an actual person and it’s nice to care for people. We bet you didn’t know that Santa Cecilia was a Roman martyr who was considered a ‘patroness of musicians’ even though it is claimed that no one exactly knows her true life story. She is still #winning as many artists dedicated several musical compositions to this lady. And then there’s the 5th century church, of course, which was supposedly built under Cecilia (can we call her by her first name?) home.

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What’s your favorite place in Trastevere?

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