We have been to many Prides in our time. Manchester, Leeds, Rome, Sitges, Barcelona and Gran Canaria to name a few. However, we have never been to Madrid Pride and there is something about this city that has got us really excited for Pride!
Here is why we have high expectations to have one of our best prides yet!

1. It's Gay Friendly

Madrid is well known for being gay friendly. It is meant to be one of those rare places where you can hold your partners hand in public, or be affectionate, without a second glance. This is not something we experience that often, but it really does make a difference.

We have read that Madrid is a place that accepts the LGBTQ+ community, not just tolerate them. There is a big difference and we very much look forward to experiencing that for ourselves!

Pride aside, we have read so much about the gay scene, including the nightlife, that says you can have a great time here anytime of the year.

Put pride in place and the gay scene is going to explode making an already gay friendly city even more so!

The Globetrotter Guys in Madrid

2. The Parties and Nightlife

Have you heard of the WE Party Group? These guys put on some seriously huge parties and the line up for Madrid Pride is 8 incredible parties over 5 days. These are a mixture of pool parties, daytime parties and, if we can handle it, an all day and night party on the Sunday - this is going to be a week full of fun!

We first experienced one of the WE Party Groups events called Sundia in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico at the Arena Festival. The production that went into the party was amazing and we expect nothing less for the ones during Madrid Pride too!

Arena Festival Sandia

3. Madrid Pride is one of the biggest in the world!

Madrid Pride has been going for 40 years!
In 2017 Madrid hosted World Pride which is a global celebration bringing prides together from all over the world and moves from country to country year on year.
Madrid Pride itself draws in crowds of over 1.5m people each year including over 300k tourists. We can’t quite get our heads around this figure, but it means that for us this will be the biggest pride we have attended yet!

4. Its affordable

We may be travelling now, but we have always looked at going to Madrid Pride from the UK.

For us, Europe is always a cheap flight from the UK if you book in advance. With Madrid being a big city, we know that there are plenty of accommodation options, whether we want a hostel, pension, hotel or luxury suite. Keeping in mind our budget we probably won’t be going for a luxury suite, but if you can, why not treat yourself!

It’s definitely not one that is going to break the bank in making sure we have a great time and stay!

Photo credit Jorge Gilarranz
Rent this apartment on Spotahome! It's the coolest location in the city ;)

5. Madrid itself!

We have read so much about Madrid, and while Pride will be amazing, a lot has to be said about the city itself.

The city has beautiful parks to explore (and top up your tan), iconic sights to see such as Plaza Mayor and the Royal Palace, Gran Via is considered the Broadway of Madrid, and we have already mentioned the year-round party scene. Add the fact that the city boasts a gay neighbourhood, Chueca, and is holding one of the biggest pride celebrations globally, we are completely sold and excited to attend Madrid Pride.


We hope you are too!

**This is a guest post by gay travel bloggers Sion and Ben of The Globetrotter Guys. Sion and Ben are a married couple from the UK. In January 2018 they booked a one-way flight to go long term travelling and never looked back. They have recently travelled through Central America and are now back in Europe for Pride Month. They have wanted to go to Madrid Pride for a long, long time, here are their reasons why!

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