If one of your New Year resolutions is to travel more, you might want to expand it to ‘move abroad’ because the truth is, it’s what most people would love to do. With Spotahome, the whole thing is a piece of cake – we provide accommodation in various cities around Europe and specialize in renting properties (or even boats in some cases) for longer than 30 days. So. Your flights are booked, you saved some money (try to save enough for a few months of rent, other expenses, apartment deposit and 1 month’s rent in advance) and the butterflies in your stomach are buzzing – but how do you move abroad successfully? Take it from a pro – I’ve successfully moved and lived in 2 countries (almost 3) – it’s easier thank you think.

How to Successfully Move Abroad

Tip 1 – Save at least some money

If you’re young and broke, moving abroad seems like an impossible task. The truth is, you will have to save some money, but it all depends on what you are doing. One of my personal favorite ways of moving abroad is by being an au pair (mind you, you MUST love children for this job) – your accommodation will be provided and in most cases, you’ll be able to live abroad without really spending a lot of money upfront. Another excellent way is to become an English teacher – in this case, some money will be required for the first month abroad (think 1 month rent in advance, 1 month deposit and other living expenses). But don’t worry – if there’s a will, there’s a way.

Tip 2 – Don’t worry too much about packing

The truth is, those clothes and items will last you a month or two max – when you move abroad, you’ll be forced to buy new things anyways. So don’t overthink it ? Pack sentimental things and clothes that are your absolute favorites. Don’t forget to bring with you all important documents for a hassle-free start abroad.

Tip 3 – Search for accommodation

While staying in a hostel before you actually find a place is a popular method, it might not actually work in cities like Madrid, where finding an accommodation can be a real pain in the tapas. Spotahome Madrid lets you choose your room or apartment for rent from the comfort of your own home so you don’t have to worry about anything once you arrive. Warning: don’t wait until September to find accommodation – just trust us on this one.

Tip 4 – Take care of paperwork

Once you arrive, try to prioritize taking care of paperwork because truth be told, it’s completely different in every country. Spotahome has offices based in Madrid and a lot of our employees can tell you how tiresome it is to sort out anything if you wait until the last minute (it’s the Spanish way – you get used to it eventually). Find out exactly what documents you’ll need to have once you arrive to your destination and book appointments as soon as possible.

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Tip 5- Have fun – you JUST moved abroad!

You just accomplished something most people dream about – don’t forget to have some fun! Meet new people, make new friends, go do exciting things, travel and get to know the culture of your new city. Make this the most memorable time you could possibly have. Homesickness? Not a problem!

What are YOUR tips for people moving abroad?

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