I know. I know. Winter seems to get longer every year. While I write this, I'm sitting here with a permanent flu which seems to love me so much it will never leave (I had it since early December, #nokidding).
But hey, there are some fun things to do in winter too! Like the events and festivals we picked for you all around Europe this February.

Carnival in Venice, Italy

You will never know what Carnival is, until you witness the one in Venice. During the festival, the city is completely taken over by masked gentlemen and ladies, mysterious princesses and princes, colourful Arlecchinos, and scary animals. A bit of everything, including confetti. Confetti everywhere.
This year, the Venice Carnival will take place all around the city, from January 27th and February 13th.

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Dragon Carnival Festival in Ljubljiana, Slovenia

Headed by a huge dragon, the procession along the streets of Ljubljana includes events for grown ups and children alike, music, games and food. - February

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VinterJazz, Denmark

Vinterjazz is a nationwide music festival that takes place in February each year. The festival lasts three weeks and it features more than 500 concerts, 100 venues all across the country including, Copenhagen.
Dates:2nd - 25th Feb

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Fete du Citron, Menton, Cote d'Azur, France

The Fete du Citron (or Lemon Party) starts on February 17th and helds all sort of events until March 4th. At its 85th edition, this festival attracts over 250k people from all over the world every year. People come here to see its processions of floats, gardens of lights, music events. This year's theme is Bollywood and it will also host a holi party at the rhythm of Indian tunes.

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Chinese New Year, London, UK

Nestled next to Soho, China Town is a little China right in the center of London and here, every year, is held the largest New Year celebration outside Asia. The parade includes traditional costumes, spectacles, fireworks and amazing shows.

Carnaval De Sitges, Barcelona, Spain

This is the wildest, gayest party of the year in Spain (Europe?) and fun is assured along the streets of Barcelona. This year, the Carnaval de Sitges helds verious events between February 8th and 14th.

What other parties, events and festivals have we missed? Is there anything happening in your city? Let us know in the comments section below!